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Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15 – Real Battery Life

You can watch how this device performed below

Battery life: 6:47 hours

Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15_cta

Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15 Thermal Imaging Monocular
Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Our Observations

With Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15, the manufacturer states that the battery life is 7.5 hours with the Wi-Fi function off at 25°C. We tested the device, and our measured time was 6:47 hours.

We tested the device at 24.6 – 25.8°C, as you can see in the video. The temperature was similar to the temperature that the manufacturer provides and is usually used for testing.

Please keep in mind, that while testing the device, we did not use any functions. As the manufacturer states, the Wi-Fi hot spot function decreases the battery life. That might also happen if you’re using other functions, so we can expect that the battery life will be a little shorter in real-life situations.

We tested the device with the default settings, as it comes out of the box. When testing the battery life, the Wi-Fi was turned off and all the other functions (such as color mode, brightness, and contrast) were left at the default setting.

Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15 has a built-in battery. This means that you should always check the battery percentage before going in the field, as there is no option to switch the battery. To charge the device, you need a type-C charger, which comes in the package. Charging is very easy, as you just plug in the charger, and when the light turns green, the battery is fully charged.

This thermal monocular also has a Standby option, which can save your battery. With the press of the on/off button, the screen turns off and the device enters the Standby mode. To use the device again, you simply press the on/off button.

Want to know how fast this device turns on?

Check out the real start up time of this device

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name Hikmicro LYNX PRO-LH15
Made in China
In production since 2020
Start-up time < 5s
Battery life -7.5 hours at 25°C (Wi-Fi function off) 

-6 hours at 25°C (Wi-Fi function on)

Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Removable battery No

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