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Hikmicro Cheetah

Universal NV Device with High-Resolution Detail

Hikmicro Cheetah is a series of universal digital night vision devices with a unique feature: Where permitted, the owner may use it as a night vision rifle scope in addition to using it as a clip-on or a handheld device. The Hikmicro Cheetah certainly stands out visually for its high level of detail. All models come with a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, which are displayed on a 0.49-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The device intended as a rifle scope offers a base magnification of 2.6x with a digital zoom of up to 20.8x.

Hikmicro Cheetah as a clip-on device (Source: Hikmicro)

Long-Lasting Battery Life and Durable Design

The device is powered by two interchangeable and rechargeable batteries of the typical and widely available 18650 type. The battery life is 6 hours per battery, for a total of up to 12 hours. In poor weather conditions, the battery should last at least 8 hours. The special feature of the battery compartment is that Hikmicro installs them transversely to the axis of the Cheetah. If the shooter uses the device as an add-on or rifle scope, the batteries cannot lose contact during the recoil of the shot. In general, the device is well-protected against external influences and has an IP67 protection rating. At the same time, Hikmicro manages to keep the device very lightweight, with a weight of only 477 grams (less without the laser rangefinder).

Hikmicro Cheetah as a monocular (Source: Hikmicro)

Built-in Laser Rangefinder and Defog Mode

In terms of operating concept, the manufacturer relies on a three-button system, with one of them being rotary. The operation is intended to be intuitive and easy. The device’s four modes, Day, Night, Auto, and Defog, can be controlled with it. While the first two are self-explanatory, Auto means: The device selects the appropriate mode for the environmental conditions by itself. Defog, on the other hand, is specifically designed for foggy situations. Here, a built-in algorithm tries to get the most out of the image and remove the fog. Additionally, an optional built-in laser rangefinder measures the distance to the animal in any situation – up to 1,000 meters.

Hikmicro Cheetah as a riflescope (Source: Hikmicro)

Automatic Recording Feature

If the hunter wants to record hunting moments as a reminder or in case of a follow-up search, the Cheetah has 64 GB of storage integrated. One highlight is the automatic recording: The hunter always has seven seconds before and seven seconds after the shot available. This works through a vibration sensor: The device continuously records. If it then registers a shot, it saves the corresponding time before and after. If there is no shot, the recording is simply automatically deleted. This saves storage capacity and at the same time prevents the user from forgetting to start the recording.

Mounting standards

When using the device as a thermal rifle scope, you will require a mount that is interchangeable with the Thunder or Panther model. We suggest mounting a Picatinny rail on your rifle and equipping it with the original Hikmicro mount. As a clip-on, the Cheetah model also uses the same mounting standard as the Thunder. It should be incredibly easy to zero the scope in this form.

Infrared Illuminator with Two Wavelength Options

Hikmicro always delivers the Cheetah with an infrared illuminator. Here the hunter has two different options to choose from. Either the model with 850 nm wavelength or the one with 940 nm wavelength. While the former has the advantage of better illumination and more range, the animal can often perceive this light. At 940 nm, however, strength and range are slightly worse, but there is also no risk of being perceived by the animal. Regardless of the wavelength, the IR illuminator uses an intelligent feature. Specifically, this means: If, for example, a tree is close to the user’s field of view, it would normally result in an overexposure of the image, as the light is reflected too brightly. The Cheetah can detect this and regulates the illuminator down, which ensures an optimal image at all times.

Great Value for Price

The Hikmicro Cheetah is a serious threat to the previous domination of the Pulsar Forward F455 on the market. With incredible specs, its biggest advantage lies in the price, which is as low as 799.00 € for the most basic model without the laser rangefinder. The model with LRF (C-32F-L) is however still very affordable compared to the competition, standing at 1,149.00 € as of writing.

Hikmicro Cheetah
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Hikmicro Cheetah
HIKMICRO Cheetah is a universal digital night vision device, which can be used as a night vision riflescope, clip-on, or handheld device.
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