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Heimdall Introduces Fokus X 350 Thermal Monocular

Each year, IWA OutdoorClassics brings together enthusiasts and industry leaders from the world of outdoor sports, hunting, and shooting. At this year’s fair, amidst a sea of outdoor gear, our team visited our friends at the Heimdall booth and took a look at their newest Heimdall Fokus X 350 thermal imaging device that’s been turning some heads in the world of thermal imaging devices recently.

Technical Specifications of Fokus X 350

Fokus X 350 is a dual-use thermal monocular designed and produced in Germany and a successor to the company’s Fokus 50 model. It boasts a Microbolometer VOx sensor with a 60Hz refresh rate, which provides a resolution of 320×240 pixels. This might not sound like much in the ever-progressing world of thermal imaging, but it’s more than enough to provide clear, detailed images.

Heimdall Fokus X 350
Heimdall Fokus X 350, Source: Hunting Log Blog

The 12μm pixel size combined with a Thermal Resolution NETD of less than 50 mK and a 32 mm objective lens all ensure that the X 350 delivers a sharp picture. The device also comes equipped with photo and video recording capabilities, complete with a zoom function, which is an appreciated feature for sure. Operating the X 350, we were impressed by the clarity provided by True Focus Technology. Regardless of the distance or lighting, the image remained sharp and precise, setting the X 350 apart from the competition. The Focus X 350 has a field of view of 11 m per 100 m, providing a substantial viewing area.

Heimdall Fokus X 350
Heimdall Fokus X 350, Source: Hunting Log Blog

The AMOLED display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels did not disappoint either. Even under the harsh, artificial lights of the fair, it delivered a decently vibrant and clear picture. Additionally, the device offers four image modes, each designed to optimize performance based on the specific needs of the user, be it differentiating targets in hunting mode or spotting distant objects in search mode.

Mode 1
Mode 1, Source: Heimdall
Mode 2
Mode 2, Source: Heimdall
Mode 3
Mode 3, Source: Heimdall
Mode 4
Mode 4, Source: Heimdall

In our hands, the X 350 had a compact yet sturdy feel to it. With dimensions around 16.5 x 6.1 x 7.1 cm and a weight of approximately 475 g (excluding batteries and adapter), it is more than manageable for use as a standalone device and compact enough for comfortable use as a clip-on. Its power source, a rechargeable Li-ion 3500mAh battery should allow for approximately 8 hours of operating time according to the manufacturer.

Heimdall Fokus X 350 battery compartments
Heimdall Fokus X 350 battery compartments, Source: Blackrecon

In terms of field usage, the X 350 can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 to +50°C and can be stored in conditions from -30 to +70°C. With an IP67 rating, its casing is also fully waterproof and resistant to saltwater. Rest assured, the device is well built and robust, but should any issues arise, users will certainly appreciate the responsive and efficient customer service based right in Germany, and the EU.

Heimdall Fokus X 350

Final Thoughts

It is encouraging to see Heimdall stepping up its game and joining the competitive race in the thermal imaging market. Their dedication to innovation and high-quality German engineering is clearly demonstrated in the Focus X 350. The device arrives precisely calibrated for 48 hours straight from the factory, removing any need for user calibration, a feature we found incredibly useful. The X 350 also uses an adapter system developed by Heimdall and has the ability of each battery compartment to work independently. This allows the device to continue functioning while one battery is being replaced. Moreover, the overall build quality stands among the best in the market.

Heimdall Fokus X 350
Heimdall Fokus X 350, Source: Blackrecon

However, considering the retail price suggested by the manufacturer, starting at 3999 euros, we believe that Heimdall will face stiff competition. Renowned thermal imaging manufacturers like Pulsar and HIKMICRO offer devices with superior features within this price range. It will be interesting to see how the Focus X 350 holds up in the market given its current pricing strategy.

Heimdall Introduces Fokus X 350 Thermal Monocular
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Heimdall Introduces Fokus X 350 Thermal Monocular
At this year’s IWA fair, our team visited our friends at the Heimdall booth and took a look at their newest Heimdall Fokus X 350 thermal imaging device.
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Optics Trade
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