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Hawke Vantage Red Dot Sights Instruction Manual



Warning: Be sure that the firearm is not loaded. Always practice safe firearms handling.

Loosen the thumb screw/s or hex screw/s located at the base of the mount. Place the sight onto a weaver/picatinny rail or 9-11mm airgun rail in the desired position. Tighten the thumb screw/s or hex screw/s until the sight is held firmly in place.


Remove the windage and elevation caps to expose the adjusters. The top of the turret cap can be used to make turret click adjustments.

Alternatively, a small flat screwdriver or coin can be used.

Each click of adjustment is measured in MOA (minutes of angle) on the target. 1 click = 1 MOA. 1 MOA = 1” at 100 yards (29mm at 100m). Therefore at different ranges, each click of adjustment changes e.g. 1 ⁄2” at 50 yards (15mm at 50m), 1 ⁄4” at 25 yards (7mm at 25m).

For windage adjustment, turn the windage adjustment turret clockwise to move the rifle’s point of impact left and counter clockwise to move the rifle’s point of impact right. In the same manner, adjust the elevation by turning the elevation adjustment clockwise to lower the rifle’s point of impact and counter clockwise to raise the rifle’s point of impact.


The red dot sight has 11 levels of brightness. High brightness settings are recommended for daytime use when ambient light is bright. At times of low light such a dawn or dusk, a lower brightness setting is recommended.

The lower settings may not be visible during bright daylight. This sight uses a CR2032 coin style lithium battery. To insert a battery unscrew the battery compartment cap on the top of the rheostat adjustment turret and insert a new battery “+” side up.

Warning: Always hold onto the lower half of the rheostat when loosening or tightening the battery compartment cap to ensure no damage is done.


The red dot sight is supplied with a honeycomb style sunshade that can be screwed into the front lens of the scope. This can be used in times of bright sunlight to reduce glare and help to cut down internal reflections.


The lens should occasionally be wiped clean with the lens cloth provided or an optical quality lens paper. Remove any external dirt with a soft brush to avoid scratching the lens.

Note: Unnecessary rubbing or use of a coarse cloth may cause permanent damage to lens coatings. To clean the external surface of the sight it is recommended that a silicone impregnated cleaning cloth is used to protect the sight against corrosion.

Always store in a moisture-free environment.


Subject to the limitations noted below, Hawke guarantees this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years. If your Hawke product is found to have defects in materials or workmanship, we will repair or, if repair is not possible, replace the product with an equivalent.

The warranty does not cover failure caused by abuse or excessive wear and tear even within the warranty period.

Please note your proof of purchase should accompany any warranty claim. You can register your purchase with us now at

For full warranty details or to make a claim please see



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