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G-Line Scope Adapter


In the last decade information technologies such as the Internet and social media have made a significant impact on society and the world as a whole. Modern technologies such as smart phones, tablets and our constant connection with the World Wide Web enables the capability to capture every moment in picture or video. So much so, that there is now a saying that if something isn’t captured and published on YouTube, it did not happen.

G-line Scope Adapter
G-line Scope Adapter

People have never shared their adventures and experiences with the world at large through video than they do nowadays. Before the development of smart phones, an individual couldn’t share their experiences in the way they can now. The most viewed videos on the web are those that capture extreme sports, unusual situations and those captured with point of view (POV) perspective.

The product presented in this article was developed with the purpose to film those experiences. The product would suit individuals who do sport shooting, hunting and other firearm sports. Company Griffing decided to develop a way to capture photos and videos through a riflescope to give people an easy and affordable way to capture their experiences to share. Although the idea of filming through a riflescope is not new, other attempts took too much effort or demanded expensive equipment. Also, video wasn’t in fashion like it is now. The “G-line adapter” not only follows the world’s trends but will also change them due to its innovation, quality of manufacturing and affordable price.

G-Line Scope Adapter
G-Line Scope Adapter

Capturing shooters point of view

Many professionals, sport shooters, hunters and other shooters have captured their shooting adventures and shared their experience to viewers on YouTube channel and other media. Many have placed special cameras on the rifle or on the riflescope. However, this has proved to be an unsatisfactory solution and improvising with smart phones attached on the scope was even worse. Advanced technical knowledge and innovation enabled the development of the G-line riflescope adapter, which significantly changes the way you can take video through a riflescope. The G-line adapter gives every user of a smartphone an opportunity to capture the most interesting and exciting moments on the shooting range or in nature. The use of the G-line adapter is simple and incredibly easy. Sport shooters can record how small the target is from 500 meters and how hard it is to hit it; hunters can take a photo of a trophy animal without the need of harvesting it and without any special equipment. Not to mention how many exciting moments can be captured during Airsoft, Paintball or other sports.

Kahles Helia5 1.6-8x42 4-Dot reticle at 1.6x magnification
Kahles Helia5 1.6-8×42 4-Dot reticle at 1.6x magnification

The user’s imagination is basically the only limit for use of the G-line adapter. The G-line adapter has an excellent design and high build quality so it can be used on every possible rifle caliber. Even the recoil of the strongest calibers is not an issue, since it was tested on .50 BMG rifle without any problems.

At more controllable recoil it is even possible to capture the flight of the bullet in air and its hit on the target. For many shooters the G-line adapter will not only be regarded as the best way to make good videos and photos through a riflescope, it’s also great fun.

G-Line Scope Adapter

G-line adapter is composed of two main parts: the adapter, which is mounted on the riflescope eyepiece and a plate for fastening the smart phone. The cylindrical adapter was the hardest part of the development, but engineers at Griffing d.o.o. succeeded at achieving the goal of the possible uses of G-line adapter using the hardest kicking rifles. G-line scope adapter does not move even at the hardest recoil, like that of .50 BMG or .338 Laupa Magnum. The mounting system consists of housing made of aluminum alloy and an internal composite part, which firmly holds the rifle scope eye-piece and enables optimal fastening on eyepieces with diameters from 38mm to 43mm. Even though G-line fastens the scope really tight you can rest assured it will not leave any scratches on the eye-piece, no matter how many times you remove it from the scope and put it back on. The other important feature of the adapter is the possibility to set the distance of a smart phone camera from the eyepiece lens and thus setting the optimal distance of the camera. G-line adapter enables setting the eye-relief distance from 65mm to 100 mm and it can be used on almost every riflescope available on the market. The high quality of G-line adapters guaranties that the smart phone camera is always in the same axis as the riflescope. The producer also guaranties that even after many years of use all parts of the G-line adapter will stay within factory tolerances. For the G-line adapter only quality materials are used and adapters are manufactured using the latest CNC machines. The design of the adapter is attractive and looks great when mounted on the scope.

G-Line Scope Adapter
G-Line Scope Adapter

The second indispensable part of the G-line adapter is the plate, where the smart phone is mounted. When developing the product, the engineers decided that for each smart phone its own plate will be produced and not a universal one. During the shot, huge stresses can occur and with special individually made plates it ensures that the specific phone stays in an unchanged position. The plate for a smart phone is fastened with four screws and can be replaced rapidly anytime. With this, the lifetime of the adapter extends significantly, because when a user buys a new smart phone, only a new plate is needed. Plates for smart phones are very affordable; therefore changing your smart phone brand will not be a major cost. At the moment the G-line scope adapter is available with 18 different plates suitable for the following smart phones: iPhone 5/5s, 4/4s, 5c, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Core i8260, Galaxy Xcover 2, Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia C6603, LG G2 and HTC one 2013. In the future, the number of special plates on offer will expand and new models will be available to purchase. The plates have a distinct design with an orange G-line logo (in stylized look of an owl) and rubberized screws for mounting the smart phone.

G-Line Scope Adapter
G-Line Scope Adapter


The G-line adapter is the first product of this type, which enables the capture of videos and photos with the use of a smart phone, which can then show the shooters point of view in nature and on the range. Similar gadgets have been available in the past but with the smart design of the G-line adapter, innovation, technological superiority and production quality, offers to users a myriad of possibilities. In every situation and in various weather conditions or other factors, the G-line smart scope adapter delivers. It should also be noted that the G-line adapter is made according to all European ecological standards and from recyclable materials. The only limit of the G-line adapter is the imagination of the user. More information about the G-line scope can be found on

Since the introduction of the G-line adapter many users have wondered, which caliber is the strongest that the G-line smart scope adapter can handle. The majority of photos and videos made with the G-line adapter are made during aiming and not shooting, but this does not make the question of durability any less important. We decided to test the G-line adapter with the biggest calibers used in rifles such as the .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG to best solve this question. The testing was made on 12th of July 2014 and results of the G-line adapter were excellent, because even the recoil of the .50 BMG does not present any problem for it. Videos of the testing can be seen on YouTube channel by searching for the video titled “G-line Smart Scope Adapter on .50 BMG”.



  • Thanks for the review.
    You mention that you can purchase the plates seperately . How much do the plates cost when purchased separately.

    Also, wondering how to order from the USA. Is there a distributer in the USA?

  • I bought one and it is great, but it will be a good idea if you guys make the diameter bit larger. Now a days scope eyes are between 45mm to 48mm

    mine is 45mm and I felt so bad that didn’t fit on it and I had hard time to find descent scope with eyepiece 43mm max


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    thank you for your time for this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and I
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  • I bought one for the Note 4 and it has been mounted onto a mark 6 3x18x44. I havent shot it yet, but it is a very welcome addition to the gun collection. My only con on this is that the reticle is off center enough to make me want to risk destorying the plate to move the clamps a little more.

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