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Fortuna General 40A6 Clip-on


Fortuna is one of the major producers of high-quality thermal optics. Their offer encompasses thermal binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights etc. At IWA 2018, they have presented a device suitable for the European market – General 40A6.


General 40A6 is a clip-on thermal attachment. The number 40 means that it features an objective lens with the diameter of 40 mm. It is made of metal, making it robust and durable. 40A6 is partially covered with rubber for the protection against scratches. Because of the sensor with the resolution of 640×480 pixels, plenty of details can be seen on the display. The refresh rate is 25 Hz. For the device to work, the user has to install two CR123 batteries. The device can be attached to the riflescope with an adapter made by Rusan.

The device is designed so that it can withstand the recoil of powerful calibers. The detection range is approx. 1500 meters, allowing the user to shoot at longer distances, for example 300–400 meters. 40A6 is already available on the market – it retails for around 5000 euros. The price is understandable considering the features that the device offers.

Fortuna introduced another variation of the aforementioned model which is still in the prototype phase. It features the same sensor and image quality but has multiple functions. The interchangeable ocular part allows it to be used as a monocular, thermal clip-on attachment or a thermal sight. The price for this model is not yet known but it is expected to be somewhere around 10–15 % percent more expensive than the standard model.


We were pleased with the quality of the device when we tested it at IWA 2018. General 40A6 is a great device – in the image, plenty of details can be seen and the robustness of the housing allows it to withstand powerful recoil as well as harsh treatment. The prototype looks even more promising because of its multi-functionality.



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