Falke LE Red Dot Sight Instruction Manual

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  • Introduction
  • Operating instructions & FALKE – Overview
  • Features
  • Safety notice & Mounting
  • On / Off / Night-vision mode
  • Brightness control
  • Elevation and windage adjustment
  • Point of impact correction & Honeycomb sunshade
  • Battery replacement
  • Maintenance & Warning
  • Practical tips
  • FALKE warranty conditions
  • Notes

Like all FALKE products, FALKE reflex sights are developed and tested by professionals. They have already proven themselves in use many times over. Top marksmen are already using FALKE reflex sights with all calibers, hunting instructors recommend them without reservation and authorities have tested them with the most powerful calibers. FALKE reflex sights are already being used successfully by German and International Security Forces.

The advantages of FALKE reflex sights – an overview:

  • Absolutely resistant to the effects of shooting, protected from water and suitable for all climate zones
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal housing
  • Robust LED technology with pin-point sharp and clear reticles
  • Maximum light transmission without discoloration
  • Parallax-free thanks to high quality lenses
  • Waterproof to 33 feet/ 10m
  • Low battery indicator
  • Kill Flash included


The Falke LE is light, robust and allows quick shooting while retaining full awareness of the surroundings. Both eyes can/should be kept open when aiming. Due to the parallax-free design, quick and instinctive shooting is possible, irrespective of the shooting range or the eye relief. The Falke FE is manufactured to be recoil-resistant for calibers up to 50 BMG. Based on a high quality finish, it is watertight up to an immersion depth of 10 m. The loss-secure, quick-release mounting can be adapted to any type of Picatinny/Weaver mounting rail.


1. Battery compartment lid 10. Adjustment nut
2. “ON”: On/Off switch 11. Elevation turret
3. “NV”: Night-vision mode 12. Windage turret
4. Arrow button up 13. Honeycomb sunshade
5. Arrow button down 14. Honeycomb sunshade bridge
6. Quick-release lever 15. Housing slot
7. Safety lever 16. Housing recess
8. Objective lens 17. Projector cover glass
9. Cross-bolt 18. REFLEX sight

Falke LE Red Dot Sight Instruction Manual

Falke LE Red Dot Sight Instruction Manual

Falke LE Red Dot Sight Instruction Manual

Falke LE Red Dot Sight Instruction Manual


Features Falke LE
Housing Aluminium
Quick-release mounting For Picatinny / Weaver
Suitable fo night-vision device Yes
Magnification 1x
Lens coating AR Red, water repellent
Reticle 65 MOA circle / 2 MOA dot
Field of view (ft/100 yd) 39
Eye relief Unlimited
Parallax Parallax-free
Adjustment range 144 MOA
Recoil resistance Up to 50 BMG
Watertight (In) 394
Battery 1 x CR 2 (3 V)
Battery life for continuous operation 100-1.000 hrs
Battery life for power-saving mode 100 – 4.000 hrs
Brightness levels 10 DT /10 NV
Operating temperature -60°C to +60°C
Sleep mode After 5 mins
Automatic switch-off After 2 hrs
Dimensions (In) 4,33×2,01×2,28
Weight (oz) 9,56



SAFETY NOTICE: As a rule, adjustments to the reflex sight have only to be made with anunloaded firearm after a safety check. Always observe the safety rules when handling firearms. Never look directly into the sun with an optical device, as this may result in significant eye injuries.


The Falke BLE features an integrated Picatinny/Weaver mounting.

The quick-release lever (6) is fitted with an additional safety lever (7) that prevents unintentional opening.

For safety reasons, the distance from the end of the device to the eye must never be less than 8cm!

Proceed as follows for correct mounting:

1. Press the safety lever (7) slightly to the right.
2. Then open the quick-release lever (6). This releases the mounting.
3. Position the device so that the objective lens (8) points in the direction of the muzzle (front).
4. The cross-bolt (9) of the quick-release clamping system must fit into the Picatinny slot
against the rear of the slot in muzzle direction, and the device must lie flat on the mounting rail.
5. Then move the quick-release lever back until the safety lever engages.

Sometimes a fine adjustment with the adjustment nut (10) of the quick-release lever is required to adapt the contact pressure to possible manufacturing tolerances of the Picatinny/Weaver mounting rails:

  • Turning the nut clockwise: Increases the contact pressure
  • Turning the nut anti-clockwise: Reduces the contact pressure


Press the “ON” button (2) to switch the device on. To switch off, press and hold the “ON” button again for a couple of seconds until the device switches off (approx. 3 seconds).

The night-vision mode of the device is activated by pressing the “NV” button (3).

The night-vision mode of the device is de-activated by pressing the “NV” button.

The Falke FE has two power saving functions:

1. After 5 minutes of being motionless, it automatically switches to sleep mode. Any movement – such as picking it up, for instance – activates the device again within half a second.

2. After 2 hours of being motionless, the device switches off completely. To switch it on again, the “ON” button must be pressed once more.


The brightness of the reticle, both in standard and in night-vision mode, is regulated as follows:

By pressing the up arrow button (4), the reticle becomes brighter. Repeat this until the desired brightness level is achieved. By pressing the down arrow button (5), the reticle decreases in brightness.

The Falke LE has 10 standard and 10 night-vision levels. Depending on the application, and on account of its automatic switch-off function, a battery life of up to 4,000 hours is guaranteed.

If the Illuminated reticle flashes 4 times after switch-on, the remaining battery power will only last for a period of 6 hours.

Recommendation: Only use high-quality, brand-name batteries and replace them at the latest after 5 years.


The elevation (11) and windage (12) are adjusted with a 3 mm Allen key.

The adjustment range is 1 MOA. One click changes the reticle by 1 inch / 2.54 cm at 100 yards / 91.44 m.


Turn the elevation and windage adjustment in or against the direction of the arrow.

In case of a high shot: Adjustment in the direction of the arrow marked “UP”

In case of a low shot: Adjustment against the direction of the arrow marked “UP”


In case of a left shot: Adjustment in the direction of the arrow marked “R”

In case of a right shot: Adjustment against the direction of the arrow marked “R”


Insertion: Insert the honeycomb sunshade (13) into the upper slot of the housing (15) in front of the objective lens (8) with the honeycomb sunshade bridge (14) and snap it in at the bottom.
Removal: Place one finger into the recess of the housing (16) below the honeycomb sunshade and lift it out.


The Falke LE is powered by a CR2 battery.

Proceed as follows for a correct change of battery:

Note: Usually, a plastic strip is inserted into the battery compartment of a new device to protect the battery. Remove this strip before using the device.

1. Remove the battery compartment lid (1) by turning it anti-clockwise.
2. Remove the old battery from the battery compartment.
3. Insert a fully charged battery with the plus terminal (+) facing down.
4. Place the battery lid correctly onto the thread and turn it clockwise until it is hand-tight.


First, blow off dirt and dust from the lenses and the projector cover glass. If applicable, remove this with a soft optical lens brush. Surface dirt can easily be wiped off the device body with a dry or slightly moist microfiber cloth.

In cases of heavier soiling like oil or finger prints, for example, only a special optical cleaning foam in combination with a soft optical cleaning cloth must be used that will not damage the coating and sealing of your optics.

Recommendation: “Triple Optic Cleaner” by Schmeisser Weaponcare.

WARNING: Never dismantle the reflex sight into its individual parts! Any internal work may only be performed by the manufacturer. Any unauthorized manipulation will render the warranty null and void.


  • If the reticle is not sharp, check the objective lens and the projector cover glass for dirt.
  • Only use high-quality, brand-name batteries.
  • In general, the mounting should be free of play, tension-free, secured against slipping and not jammed.
  • Sighting-in should only be done on a solid rest and with high quality ammunition.


Warrantees and guarantees are exclusively handled by the specialty dealers.

Contact the seller of your B3X with your purchase receipt.

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