Docter Compact Series Binoculars instruction manual

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DOCTER Compact


• Notice
Due to the high and intense focussing of light a direct observation of the sun
with the telescope may cause eye injuries and must by all means be avoided!


Operation Instructions

The DOCTER Binoculars acquired by you is a leading product of fine-mechanical
precision. It is a product with highest requirements of the optical performance after
latest development of the optics calculation and optics technology concerns with solid
processing. All binoculars of this series are implemented as spectacle wearer models
and they are waterproof.


DOCTER Compact


Eye distance

To reach a great and contrast panorama the binoculars have to be adjusted to the
different eye distance of different users. This adjustment happens by bending the
central hinge (1) until both fields of vision of the right-hand and left-hand telescope
completely coincide during observing any object.

Focusing and defective sight assistance

Observe any object with the left eye trough the left ocular and turn the mid-wheel (2)
till the object is clear and high contrast.
A possible defect of the eyes of ± 3,0 dioptres can be compensated by turning the
dioptre adjustment (3). Thereby observe the same object with the right eye and turn
the diopter setting wheel till the object impression is clear and high in contrast.

Distance adjustment

To observe an object at different distances both clearly and in high contrast it is
useful to adjust binoculars to a special distance. While observing the object the
midwheel (2) has to be turned right or left till the clearest and richest in contrast vision
is reached. An adjustment of the Focusing and defective sight assistance is not

Eye piece adjustment

The binoculars are models for spectacle wearers. Normal sighted people employ the
binoculars with twist-up eyecups. Wearer of glasses just turn the eyecups down to
use the complete panorama of binoculars.

Maintenance and Protection

Prism binoculars do not need special care, they are nearly of attendance. If
necessary the outer lens surfaces should be cleaned with a fine hairbrush or a soft
piece of cloth. Coarse dust should remove through wash or blow before wiping. Do
not use chemical solvents and keep it in dry place!



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