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Do Binoculars Need Servicing? | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to another Optics Trade debate. Today, we are answering another question sent to us by our followers, and the question is really simple, that is: do binoculars ever need servicing?

A simple question will get you a simple answer, which is no. Binoculars can have a lifespan of even 30 years and do not need any servicing in the meantime as a car does.

You can send the optics back to the manufacturer and get them fixed if a problem occurs, or just for a refreshment. So, what happens when you send the binoculars back? The manufacturers re-purge them with dry gas and replace the seals. They re-apply a new layer of grease into the focusing mechanism and the bridge so the functions work more smoothly. The eyepieces can also be replaced if they are really old and worn out, and the binoculars are cleaned inside and out. 

Usually, however, this is not free. The price depends on the manufacturer, but it most often costs anywhere from 150 € to 500 €. This is only done with premium binoculars made in Europe – Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, Steiner, Meopta, and Noblex. With more affordable models made in China, Japan, etc., this is not possible and you have to buy a new pair.

If you have 20-year binoculars that mean a lot to you, do send them to get serviced just to keep them in shape, just in case. If you have any additional questions send us an e-mail or comment below the video. See you in the next debate.

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