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Dipol night vision and thermal (IWA 2019)

Dipol is a Belorussian company which develops and produces night vision and thermal devices. Their products are in use by civilians, the military, and police. One of their most important inventions is the head mount for night vision devices which is in use all over the world. At IWA Outdoor Classics 2019, Dipol presented two new products.

The first one is the new thermal monocular DTM1000R, which has an integrated laser rangefinder. If you want to read more about the DTM1000R, click here.

Dipol DTM1000R at IWA 2019

The second novelty from Dipol is their first digital day/night monocular, which can be also used as a clip-on device in front of a day sight. If you want to read more about the D400 DNS, click here.

Dipol D400 DNS at IWA 2019

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