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Differences between Holosun HS403 Models | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. We continue on our way through Holosun red dot sights. Today, we’re here to explain the differences between Holosun HS403 red dot sights from 4 different series (Paralow, Infiniti, Tube, Reflex) and the Elite versions of the same models.


For now, the Holosun HS403 variants consist of these models: Holosun Paralow HS403A, HS403B (+ with INNOMount), HS403C (+ with INNOMount) and HS403GL (+ with INNOMount).


All models with the number ‘400’ in the name feature the standard 2 MOA red dot reticle. Optically speaking, these Holosun red dot sights are completely the same. The lens has no tint.


The first major difference lies in the location of the battery.


The A model has its battery compartment beneath the housing and above the mount. So, if you wish to remove or replace the battery, you’ll have to first remove the mount. This is very similar to Docter/Noblex sights. The problem with these models is re-zeroing is needed after each battery replacement. But these models are also cheaper than any other.


All Holosun models that use the letter ‘B’ in the name, like the HS403B, feature a battery tray on the side of the device that can be removed and inserted into the device again.


The HS403C red dot utilizes the same tray but with the addition of a solar panel. Models that feature the letter ‘G’ or ‘GL’ combination like the HS403GL have a side rotating battery compartment with a cap.


The B and C battery compartments are equal in functionality. In both cases, it’s really easy to replace the battery and without losing the zero.   


As far as the mounts are concerned, these models (all, except for the HS403A) come with two different kinds. Each model comes with a high mount for AR platforms and a low mount (about 5 to 6 millimetres in height) for hunting and other applications. The Holosun Paralow HS503FL model is the exception as only a low mount is possible with this red dot.


It’s important to point out that HS403 Holosun models are all mount-compatible with all mounting solutions for Aimpoint Micro models as they use the same profile and recoil stopper on the underside. The HS403A model has a really specific mount that is not compatible with any other red dot.


The GL letters in the Holosun Paralow HS403GL model meant that this is the latest, updated version of the original red dot.


Upon closer inspection, there are also other slight differences between the models.


Holosun HS403 models have two control buttons on the top of the device with + and - marks. It’s with the use of these buttons that the 12 intensity settings can be adjusted. They also all feature the Shake Awake Technology. That means that the unit will automatically go into sleep mode after a prolonged period of zero movement. It will power back on immediately once you need it.


The only small exception is the HS403C model. Since the top of the device is where the solar panel is installed, the control buttons were moved to the side and there is no Shake Awake feature.


Note that all red dot sights, no matter the brand or the model in question, have a tilted objective lens. We explained this feature in a separate Optics Trade Debates episode and there is truly no reason for worry when noticing that your device’s front lens stands at an angle.


Holosun uses the Elite name for the products that feature a green-illuminated dot and/or are made out of titanium. That means that the product can either have both of the two elite features or just one. But more on that next time.


Some of these models are also available in the FDE colour variant.


This is everything we had in mind for this debate. Thank you for your attention. Please like and share this video if you found it useful. If you have any questions left, leave them in the comment section below or send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content. We’ll see you next time.


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