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Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45X60 FFP Instruction Manual


Built on the groundwork laid by Bushnell’s original Excursion® FLP spotting scopes, the new Legend T Series™ (Tactical Series) 15-45x 60mm FLP scope with mil-hash line reticle delivers exceptional field performance, a bright, razor sharp image and a 100% waterproof design that excels in the most unforgiving conditions. The Folded Light Path (FLP) design provides the benefits of a long focal length optical path in a relatively short, compact chassis. The ED Prime Extra Low Dispersion glass, fully multi-coated optics and premium BaK-4 prisms capture the moment with vivid clarity and contrast, even in low light conditions. Lenses are protected by the ultra-effective Rainguard® HD hydrophobic coating, for the clearest possible view in the face of foul weather or condensation from breath.

Thank you for purchasing your new Bushnell Legend T Series™ FLP Spotting Scope.

This manual will help you optimize your viewing experience by explaining how to utilize the scope’s controls and features, and how to care for it. Read the instructions carefully before using your scope.

Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45X60 FFP Instruction Manual
Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45X60 FFP Instruction Manual


After setting up your tripod on firm ground, fasten the scope’s mounting base to the screw on the tripod’s platform by rotating the mounting bolt on the tripod, so that the scope is held securely in place (do not over tighten to avoid potentially damaging the scope).


The Legend T Series FLP spotting scope with mil-hash reticle has two focus related controls. The first is the diopter ring which allows you to adjust the sharpness of the reticle for your eyesight-especially convenient when not wearing glasses. This is a fine focus adjustment like the diopter ring typically located on one eyepiece of a binocular. The diopter can be preset before you begin actually using the scope. Aim the scope at a white wall or clear area of sky (away from the sun) and simply rotate the diopter ring until the mil hash reticle appears as sharp as possible. Note the position of the raised index ridge relative to the diopter index dial (+ / 0 / -) for future reference (especially if others will be using the scope).

The main focus control is located at the middle of the eyepiece, between the diopter ring and the zoom ring. Once the diopter has been set for your eyesight, it should normally be left alone-always use the main focus ring to bring your subject or target into focus.


Rotate the zoom ring to change magnifying power from low to high (15x to 45x on the power index dial). Lower power settings will provide a wider field of view and brighter image, higher powers allow observing smaller details on more distant subjects. To reduce the need to readjust focus when zooming, set the zoom to its highest power temporarily (45x), then focus on your subject. When you zoom back down to lower power settings, the subject should remain in focus, or need only a slight readjustment. If both subject and reticle appear out of focus after zooming, refocusing on the subject using the main focus ring will normally bring the reticle into sharp focus as well. If not, only adjust the diopter ring after using the main focus. Never use the diopter ring to adjust the subject’s focus-just the reticle.


If you are not wearing glasses, twist the rubber eyecup counter-clockwise to extend it. Twist clockwise to retract. The eyepiece is normally left in the retracted position when the user wears eyeglasses.


Your Bushnell Legend T Series FLP spotting scope has been designed and built utilizing the latest waterproof and fogproof technology. The scope is O-ring sealed for complete moisture protection. Fogproof protection is achieved from dry nitrogen purging that removes all internal moisture.


The lenses of your spotting scope are coated for highest light transmission. As with any multicoated optics, special care must be taken in cleaning the lenses. Follow these steps for proper lens cleaning:
• First, blow away any loose dust or debris on the lens (or use a soft lens brush).
• A good quality microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for the routine cleaning of your optics. Simply breathe lightly on the lens to provide a slight amount of moisture, then gently rub the lens with the microfiber cloth. To remove oily deposits or fingerprints, clean with the microfiber cloth, rubbing in a circular motion. Use of a coarse cloth or unnecessary rubbing may scratch the lens surface and eventually cause permanent damage.
• For a more thorough cleaning, photographic lens tissue and photographic-type lens cleaning fluid or
sopropyl alcohol may be used. Always apply the fluid to the cleaning cloth – never directly on the lens.


• Never disassemble your spotting scope. Irreparable damage can result from unauthorized service attempts, which also void the warranty. The zoom eyepiece is not removable/interchangeable.
• Avoid sharp impacts. Set the scope down gently on hard surfaces.
• Store your scope in a cool, dry place whenever possible.


The “mil-hash” reticle used in the Legend T Series FLP spotting scope is a hashmarked reticle that uses MRAD based subtension lines for ranging, holdover and windage corrections.

1 mil (milli-radian or MRAD) = 3.6 inches at 100 yards.

In order to facilitate accurate holdover and windage compensation, this reticle uses hash marks spaced in 1 mil increments with .5 mil graduations. It provides a total of 10 mils of holdover below the center dot on the vertical crosshair and a total of 10 mils of subtension lines on the horizontal crosshair. There are also more precise subtensions of .2 mils on the last mil hash on both outer ends of the horizontal crosshair and on the bottom of the vertical crosshair.

Because the mil-hash reticle is positioned in the first focal plane (FFP), reticle measurements can be used with the scope set at any magnification. When the zoom ring is used to vary the scope’s magnification, the relative size of the reticle will “track” right along with the zoom setting

Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45X60 FFP Instruction Manual
Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45X60 FFP Instruction Manual



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