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Burris XTR 3 rifle scopes 3.3-18×50 and 5.5-30×56


The new series of Burris tactical rifle scopes was introduced on Shot Show 2019 and is called XTR 3. It is to be their new flagship series of rifle scopes. In this series, 2 new rifle scopes will be available – 3.3-18×50 and 5.5-30×56. They feature a wider field of view than XTR 2, while also featuring an improved optics for even better contrast and clarity.

Burris XTR 3 3.3-18×50 rifle scope


The main tube is made of a single piece, and both models feature a 34-millimeter clamping area for extended elevation and more ruggedness. What is interesting is the small weight – the XTR 3 3.3-18×50 weighs 845 grams and the XTR 3 5.5-28×56 only 907 grams.

Both rifle scopes come with a big elevation range for long range shooting – the smaller model, XTR 3 3.3-18×50 has an elevation range of 120 MOA which equals 35 MIL. With such an elevation range and a canted mount, shooting past 1000 meters shouldn’t be a problem.

The turrets are of the exposed tactical type for quick elevation and windage correction, and the new ˝Race Dial˝ on the elevation turret enables you to write directly on the turret based on your personal ballistic curve. There will be MIL and MOA options available, and because the reticle is set in the first focal plane, the reticle and the turrets will always be matched. For both models, 3 reticles will be available: SCR MIL, SRC MOA, and SCR 2 MIL. The magnification ring is also improved compared to the XTR 2 series – it is more aggressive for more grip even with gloves. On the left side on both rifle scopes is the parallax adjustment, which is adjustable from 25 yards (XTR 3 3.3-18×50) or 20 yards (XTR 3 5.5-28×56) to infinity.

Both rifle scopes are designed, machined and assembled in the United States, and the warranty will be 30 years.

Burris XTR 3 3.3-18×50 rifle scope with the ˝Race Dial˝ elevation turret
Burris XTR 3 5.5-30×56 rifle scope


Both new rifle scopes from Burris have a unique magnification range, which we didn’t see yet by other manufacturers. Thanks to the big elevation range on the smaller model, and big maximum magnification on the bigger model, I am sure they will be very popular among PRS and ELR shooters.

The new ˝Race Dial˝ turret is also great when shooting under time pressure, and thanks to the exposed tactical turrets and the reticle positioned in the first focal plane, fast target engagement is now easier for every shooter.



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