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Shot Show 2023 Report: Burris Eliminator 5

The Game-changing Riflescope

Burris Eliminator 5 is one of the latest and most sophisticated hunting riflescopes. It features multiple functions integrated into one device, revolutionizing the hunting experience. By simply pressing a button, Eliminator 5 can display the distance to the target and calculate the correct aiming point and wind information, all within the scope, for full situational awareness. This eliminates the need for any additional rangefinders, apps, or smartphones, and greatly enhances the hunters’ capabilities.

Burris Eliminator 5

Long-Range Hunting with Advanced Optical System

One of the most impressive features of the Eliminator 5 is its ability to measure distances of up to approximately 1800 meters, making it an excellent option for long-range hunting. The scope also includes the best optical system in an Eliminator yet, with 5-20x magnification and super clear glass, which allows a detailed view of the target, even at long distances. In order to mount the rifle scope on your rifle, you need a special rail that is being produced by major European manufacturers. Burris has also added a fixed mount for a Picatinny rail that comes with their product.

Advanced Range-finding and Ballistics Features

In addition to its range-finding capabilities, the Burris Eliminator 5 includes an internal digital inclinometer, a smart dope card, and a built-in laser rangefinder. The inclinometer allows for the measurement of angles, making it easy to calculate and adjust for uphill or downhill shots. The smart dope card stores and displays ballistics information, so hunters can quickly and easily adapt their aim based on the type of ammunition they are using. The built-in laser range finder ensures accurate and instantaneous measurement of distances. Burris Eliminator 5 also comes with a Bluetooth remote, making it easy to use and control the scope’s various functions. This allows for quick and seamless adjustments, even in the heat of the moment. In order to see the ballistic trajectory, the user can simply download and install the app on a mobile phone.

Improvement of the series

The Burris Eliminator 5 is produced in the Philippines and comes with a 10-year warranty. This is already the fifth generation in the series and each of them has been a great improvement from the previous. In order to get your hands on this well-rounded riflescope, you will currently need to pay 2,919.00 €. For people with a lower budget, the manufacturer will continue with the production of its third-generation Eliminator.

The Ultimate All-in-One Hunting Riflescope

Overall, this riflescope is an absolute must-have for hunters. With advanced features and an all-in-one design, it eliminates the guesswork and increases effectiveness in the field. This generation has the best quality image so far with the most precise system for long-range shots. With a range of up to approximately 1800 meters and a variety of built-in tools, the Eliminator 5 is the ultimate hunting riflescope.

Shot Show 2023 Report: Burris Eliminator 5
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Shot Show 2023 Report: Burris Eliminator 5
Burris Eliminator 5 is one of the latest and most sophisticated hunting riflescopes. It features multiple functions integrated into one device.
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