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Burris BTH Instruction Manual

Burris BTH

Congratulations on your purchase of a Burris Thermal Hand Held Sight. Review this manual
thoroughly before using and keep it available for future reference. This guide explains the
operation of the BTH 25, BTH 35 and BTH 50 models.


  1. Do not directly expose the thermal imager to high intensity light sources such as the sun, carbon dioxide lasers and electric welding machines.
  2. The thermal imager combines precision optical instruments and electrostatically sensitive electronics, any abuse of the thermal imager and its accessories can compromise performance and longevity and may void the warranty.

Technical Specification

MODEL25 mm35 mm50 mm
Pixel Size17µm17µm17µm
Optical properties
Focal length25mm F1.235mm F1.250mm F1.2
FocusingManual FocusManual FocusManual Focus
Visual angle15.4×11.611.1×8.37.8×5.8
Frame Rate50Hz50Hz50Hz
Digital Zoom1×—4×1×—4×1×—4×
Eye lens1280×960 color LCOS1280×960 color LCOS1280×960 color LCOS
Visibility regulation-4~+2-4~+2-4~+2
Machine magnification1.7—6.8×2.3—9.2×3.3—13.2×
Adapter5V DC Special adapter charging5V DC Special adapter charging5V DC Special adapter charging
Working hours≥5 hours @25°C≥5 hours @25°C≥5 hours @25°C
USBTYPE C, for Power In/ File TransferTYPE C, for Power In/ File TransferTYPE C, for Power In/ File Transfer
Video InterfaceMicro HDMIMicro HDMIMicro HDMI
External ConnectionPicatinny railPicatinny railPicatinny rail

Product Function

MODEL25 mm35 mm50 mm
Smooth zoomYESYESYES
Screen brightness1~10 levels1~10 levels1~10 levels
Image brightness1~10 levels1~10 levels1~10 levels
Image contrast1~10 levels1~10 levels1~10 levels
Image enhancementYESYESYES
Scene modeEnhanced/ Highlight/ NatureEnhanced/ Highlight/ NatureEnhanced/ Highlight/ Nature
Super energy savingYESYESYES
Color palettesWhite hot/ Black hot /Red hot/ Iron/ Blue hotWhite hot/ Black hot/ Red hot/ Iron/ Blue hotWhite hot/ Black hot/ Red hot/ Iron/ Blue hot
Working indicationAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Charging indicationAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Calibration modelAutomatic/ Scene/ ShutterAutomatic/ Scene/ ShutterAutomatic/ Scene/ Shutter
Auto power-offYESYESYES
Auto Stand-byYESYESYES
Language settingsEnglish/ Russian/ German/ French/ ChineseEnglish/ Russian/ German/ French/ ChineseEnglish/ Russian/ German/ French/ Chinese
Time settingsYESYESYES
Watermark settingsYESYESYES
Restore defaultYESYESYES
Memory card

Button Function

Power buttonPower-off/Power on
Power onCalibrationDisplay off | Power-off
Display offDisplay on/
Up ButtonNo display in the menu barSwitch to scene modeZoom in
Display in the menu barUpward switching options | Change parameter value/
M Menu ButtonNo display in the menu barEnter the shortcut menuEnter the
main menu
Display in the menu barEnter the sub-menu |
Select Option Parameter Value
Exit the menu bar /
back to the
previous menu
Down ButtonNo display in
the menu bar
Switch to color palettes modeZoom out
Display in
the menu bar
Downward switching options | Change parameter value/
Photo / videoPhoto modePhoto/
Video mode/Start video recording / Stop video recording

NOTE – Users can adjust the device language according to their needs, English/ Russian/ German/ French/ Chinese for choose.

Shortcut Menu

  1. Press the M button to enter the shortcut menu.
  2. Press the Up/Down button to switch between PIP, Screen BRI, Stadiametric Rangefinder, Hot track and energy-saving modes

Picture In Picture (PiP)

  1. With the PIP window open, select the left / middle / right for placement.
  2. The window image is 2X magnification of the main image.

Screen Brightness

Brightness levels can be adjusted from 10 to 100 percent.

Stadiametric Rangefinder

The stadia metric rangefinder lets you estimate the distance of a target . There are three stadia available on the device – Rabbit (35 cm / 13.7 in.), Boar (35 cm / 13.7 in.), Deer (35 cm / 13.7 in.).

How to use the stadia:

  1. Align the lower horizontal line with the bottom of the target image, press the Up/Down button to change the width between the upper and lower horizontal lines until the upper horizontal line is aligned with the top of the target icon.
  2. The distance can now be calculated and displayed automatically.
  3. By comparing the target size with the three reference animal sizes, the user can roughly calculate the distance of the target.

Hot Track

When hot track is turned on, the active crosshair tracks the point with the highest temperature in the scene.

Super Energy-Saving Mode

In the super energy-saving mode, screen brightness is reduced to 30 percent and the WiFi is turned off.
When the Super energy-saving mode is off, the screen brightness and WiFi are restored to their original state.

NOTE – If WiFi cannot be turned on, please check if the super energy-saving mode is off.

Press and hold the M button to enter the main menu
Press the Up/Down button to switch between Image quality adjustment, Calibration mode, WiFi, power saving settings, indication settings, general settings and other settings.

Image Quality Adjustment

Image enhancement – When the image enhancement is turned on, the image of the target can be enhanced.
Scene mode – Image brightness and contrast can be adjusted for each scene mode to achieve the best image.

Color Palettes

White hot – The objects with higher temperature show in white or light gray
Black hot – The objects with higher temperature show in black or dark gray
Red hot – The objects with higher temperature show in red
Adjustable red hot – The objects with higher temperature show in red. Users can adjust the intensity of range of red heat from level 1 to 10

Iron – The objects with higher temperature show in iron red
Blue hot – The objects with lowest temperature show in blue or dark blue, and the object with higher temperature shows in red


Adjustable from level 1 to 10 level.


Adjustable from level 1 to 10 level.

Calibration Mode

Automatic – The device automatically corrects the image quality without any action
Scene – The user manually corrects the image quality as needed. For manual correction, the lens cover needs to be attached before calibration
Shutter – The user manually corrects the image quality as needed and the device shutter closes for calibration.


It can be connected to the mobile phone via WiFi and the thermal imager can be operated remotely via the mobile phone APP. When WiFi is turned on, but not connected, the WiFi icon flashes and the WiFi name is displayed at the top of the screen. When the WiFi is connected, the WiFi icon is always on.

Mobile phone APP – Search and download ‘Burris Thermal’ APP in the mobile phone app market. Open the app, and find the WiFi name of “Burris BTH” in your mobile phone WiFi settings, enter the password ‘12345678’, then after the connection is successful, the user can operate remotely.
Android – Please search and download in Google play.
IOS – Please search and download in the APP store.

Power Savings Settings

Auto Stand-By – If there is no operation in the setting time, it enters Stand-by mode. If the work indicator is on before entering Standby mode, the work indicator will flash in Stand-by mode.
Auto Power – If there is no operation in the setting time, it will power off automatically.

Note – Auto Stand-by and Auto power-off cannot be performed while WiFi is connected.

Indication Settings

Charging indication – In the charging state, you can turn the charging indicator on or off.
Working indication – In the normal working state, you can turn the working indicator on or off.

General Settings

Time style – Select 12-hour or 24-hour style.
Date style – Choose different date styles according to your preference.
Time setup – Adjust the current date and time.

Watermark Settings

Users can choose the display style of date and time watermark on the screen.

Language Settings

Language choices include English/ Russian/ German/ French/ Chinese.

Memory Card Formatting

Allows the use to format and empty onboard storage.

Restore Default

This function restores the factory settings.

Other Settings

Optional accessories feature settings.

  1. Ranging
  2. Ranging adjustment
  3. Pointer
  4. Pointer adjustment

These functions are used for auxiliary Optional accessories. There are differences between the individual models. For details, please refer to the accessory manual.


When using the thermal imager for the first time, use the USB charger to charge battery for at least four hours. When charging, insert the matching Type C USB charging cable and plug in the power.

Charging specifications: 5V, 2A. Charging indicator is red during normal charging. Charging indicator is green when charging is complete.
Do not charge the battery in an environment over 40˚C or 104˚ F.

Note – Charging when the thermal imager is being used does not charge the battery. This icon indicates the unit is using the external power for normal operations.

This icon indicates that the external power supply is charging the battery.

Video Output

There is a video output port beside the USB interface on the side of the thermal imager, and is simply plug and play.
The screen image of the thermal imager can be output to an external screen through the matching HDMI video cable. There are two display modes, either the external screen or the screen of the device, but only one mode is active.

Note – When HDMI is used to connect the external display screen, the real-time screen can only be viewed by the external display. There is no screen display on the screen of this device. When the HDMI cable is unplugged, the screen of the device is restored.

Storage and Maintenance

When the thermal imager will be not used for a long time, store in a dry, well-ventilated environment and charge the thermal imager at least four hours every two months during the storage
The infrared lens of the thermal imager is coated with an anti-reflection film. Clean the lens only when dirt or smudges are present. Frequent scrubbing may damage the lens coating.
To clean non-optical surfaces of the thermal imager, do not scrub with chemical solvents or cleaners. On exterior surfaces, wipe with a soft and dry microfiber cloth.


The Burris Thermal Hand Held thermal products are covered by Limited Warranty and Burris will repair or
replace your product if it is defective. Do not disassemble the thermal imager as this will void the warranty. Contact your nearest Burris dealer for assistance.
For detailed warranty information scan the QR codes below.

US Warranty
International Warranty

This manual is available in German, French, Italian and Spanish translations HERE.



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