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Burris BTC50 – Real Battery Life

You can watch how this device performed below

Battery life: 2:21 hours

Burris BTC50

Burris BTC50
Burris BTC50

Our Observations

With Burris BTC50, the manufacturer states that the battery life is 3 hours. We tested the device, and our measured time was 2:21 hours.

As you can see in the video, we tested the device at 21.3 – 23.2°C, which is similar to the temperature the is usually used for testing the battery life.

Do keep in mind that while testing, we didn’t press any buttons or use any functions, but that’s usually not the case when using the device on the field. Using different functions (such as video recording, changing color modes, Wi-Fi, etc.) usually affects the battery, so we can expect that the battery life will be a little shorter in real-life situations.

We tested the device with the default settings, as it comes out of the box.

For the Burris BTC50 thermal device, we used the generic insertable batteries from Panasonic. The device supports 3V batteries, therefore we used the Panasonic CR123, 3V batteries. Please note that the results might vary if you use different ones. You can also use rechargeable batteries, as the charger comes with the device.

Need a spare battery?

Panasonic Batteries

Burris BTC50 has a Standby option, which is a remarkably useful battery-saving feature. If you wish to enter the Standby mode, you must hold the on/off button until the progress bar appears. Then you must release the button before the progress bar is full, and that is when the screen turns off and the device enters the Standby mode. To use the device again, you simply press any button.

To turn the Burris BTC50 off, the user must hold the on/off button, wait until the progress bar is filled up and the device turns off.

Want to know how fast this device turns on?

Check out the real start up time of this device

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name Burris BTC50
Made in /
In production since /
Start-up time /
Battery life

3 hours

Battery Type 2x CR123
Removable battery Yes

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