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Burris AR-536 Riflescope Instruction Manual

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The Burris AR-536 prism sight is a tough, yet compact ‘Close Quarters’ optic made for tactical carbines.With its 5x magnification and illuminated Ballistic CQ™ reticle, it provides quick target acquisition for close-in or fast moving targets, but also features easy-to-use drop-compensation for accurate shots out to 600 yards. At 100 yards, the sight delivers a generous field-of-view of 20 feet. The AR-536 is waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof with fully multi-coated lenses for brightness and clarity. Users have the choice of three reticle presentations. When non-illuminated, the reticle is black, but in lighted modes the user has a choice of red or green with five power settings each. The sight includes a sunshade, as well as flip-up lens covers. For tactical versatility, it has three short integral Picatinny railsfor accessories.

Battery Replacement

The AR-536 is powered by a commonly available CR2032 lithium battery that delivers 200 hours of life at the highest power settings, and approximately 500 hours at medium settings. The battery
compartment is on the top of the sight, inside the reticle illumination selector knob. Choose a red or green powersetting by aligning the numbersetting with the white dotto the rear ofthe battery housing. To open the compartment, simply hold the illumination selector knob to keep it from rotating while you use a coin or other tool to turn the cap counter-clockwise.Drop in the replacement battery with the positive side (+) face up, and re-tighten completely.
Note: The lid must be in place and sufficiently tight to maintain the waterproof capability of the AR-536.

Mounting the Optic

Picatinny Rail- The sight comes factory-ready to mount to a Picatinny railsystem.Using a ½" wrench, loosen the nuts on the leftside of the base to open the mount just enough to fit over the width of the rail. Once positioned on the rail, finger-tighten to test the position on the rail.The normal eye relief of the AR-536 is 2.5".Once properly located on the rail, use the wrench to tighten the base nutsto 65 in-lbs. For convenience, Burris offers an AR-QD Mount (#410349) for quick attachment to your gun and return-to-zero reliability. It fits any Picatinny base and is ideal for mounting the AR-536 on flat-top platforms.
Carry Handle - In order to mount to an AR carry handle you must first remove the Picatinny Rail Mounting Bracket.Thisis attached to the sight body by two screws on the underside of the mount. Since these screws were installed using a mediumstrength but non-permanent thread locker,they will be harder than normal to remove.Once the sight is free of the mount, locate the sight base in the handle channel such that it will accept the thumbscrew provided with the sight and insert from below. Finger-tight is most often sufficient, but holes in the knurled knob are provided to allow additional tightening with a small rod.
Re-Attaching the Picatinny Rail Base - If you wish to re-install the Picatinny Base, be sure to use a removable thread locker such as Loctite 242 when securing the Picatinny Base to the sight body. This prevents movement between the sight and the mount.

Focus Adjustment

The prism sight has a diopter adjustment ring on the ocular end which is used to sharpen reticle focus to your preference.

Sighting In

We recommend sighting in for 100 yards since the Ballistic Drop Compensation is calculated for that distance. Click values are 1/3 MOA and the sight has 70 total MOA of adjustment. Be sure you have a safe location for sight in. Bore sight using a commercial bore sighting tool;if you do not have a boresighting tool, follow this procedure. Place the weapon in a shooting rest with the bolt and carrier removed, and the stock assembly angling down and out of your way. Align the reticle on the bullseye and then look down the bore to determine rough bullet placement.The AR-536 is designed with the reticle centered in its range of movement, so if the bore aligns well off the bullseye and target, you should check for a mounting problem. Re-assemble the rifle and fire a few shots. Make corrections as necessary using the adjustment knobs that have bullet-strike directional arrows. Continue until the sight is zeroed and then replace the adjustment knob caps.

Burris AR-536 Instruction Manual

Burris AR-536 Instruction Manual

Field of View ( Low to high @100yards) 20
Eye Relief (inches) 2,5-3,5
Close focus (feet) 25
Click Value in MOA 1/3
Max Adjust in MOA 70
Weight (Ounces) 18,75
Height Above Rail (inches), to optic centerline 1,65
Overall Lenght (inches) 5,80*
Battery Life - High 200 hours
Battery Life - Low 500 hours
*without sunshade or flip-up covers

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