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Braun Binoculars Instruction Manual



Braun Binoculars Instruction Manual
Braun Binoculars Instruction Manual

A = Central focussing wheel
B = Right diopter adjustment (depending on model)
C= Tripod bush to attach tripod adapter (where approprate)
D = Rubber Eye-Cup

IDP Adjustment:
Set the IDP (inter pupillary distance) by grasping the body of your binoculars and bending gently until you can see one circle of view.

1. Close your right eye and focus on a fixed object, using your left eye, by turning the central focussing wheel (A) until the image is sharp.
2. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Now turn the right eye eyepiece (B – the diopter adjustment) to focus on the same object, using your right eye, until its sharp again.
3. The binoculars are now balanced for your eyes and you will only need to use the central focusing wheel to focus on different objects.

Monoculars and telescopes do not need a diopter adjustment. Turning the eyepiece (A) will focus the instrument. The soft rubber eye-cups (D) will turn/fold down to use when wearing spectacles. This will improve the field of view. Turn/fold up for use with-out spectacles.

Tripod bush (C)(if appropriate):
Most of our traditional-style binoculars can be mounted on a tripod, using a tripod adapter. Remove the tripod bush cover (C) to reveal a female universal screw fitting.

Using the zoom (if appropriate):
Focus the instrument as above first, using the lowest magnification. Then move the zoom lever or ring to bring the image closer.

Caring for your optical instrument
keep the instrument in the case provided when not in use. Only use the lens cloth provided, or a spektacle cloth, to gently dust the lenses, only when necessary. Do not attempt to take the instrument apart. This may invalidate your guarantee.

Looking at the sun at any time may damage your sight.
Do not use this instrument to view the sun!



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