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Brand New UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights


It looks like 2023 is set to be a big year for Leapers. After introducing their new premium Integrix and mid-tier AccuShot PRO riflescope brands, they are now expanding their UTG Accu-Sync series with a new line of dot sights.

Leapers AccuSync Compact Dot Sight DS2521R (Source: Leapers)
(Source: Leapers)

Main Features of the NEW UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights

The new UTG Accu-Sync dot sights by Leapers come in compact and subcompact sizes, with the latter being a bit shorter and having a smaller 19 mm diameter lens compared to the bigger 20 mm lens.

They feature a red illuminated 3 MOA dot, and its illumination brightness can be manually adjusted. The brightness intensity has 8 levels and since the UTG Accu-Sync dots are supposedly very well optimized for ideal power consumption, one single CR2032 battery will last for more than 30.000 hours at medium intensity.

Panasonic CR2032

Those that are very eager to jump straight back into the action after turning the device off will be glad to know that the illumination settings are automatically saved after each use. They are then re-activated once the device is turned back on, so you can continue right where you left off.

Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality of the UTG brand, Leapers tries hard to please its customers. They make things that endure harsh conditions of multiple shooting applications, and even though the UTG products are not in the highest price bracket, they are sure to take a good amount of beating before they finally start showing signs of wear.

The same can be said for the new UTG Accu-Sync dot sights. Yes, they are compact, but they are built to last.

They are machined from a matte black 6061-T6 aluminum and are fully sealed, carrying the IPX7 waterproof rating. Lenses are made of impact-resistant tempered glass, adding to the durability, and the dots were subjected to in-house real fire testing.

Accu-Sync dot sights also feature snag-free flush turrets with adjustments of 1 MOA per click at 100 yards (91 m).

Leapers AccuSync DS2521R
UTG Accu-Sync 2521R (Source: Leapers)

Mounting the Accu-Sync Dot Sights on a Rifle

The Accu-Sync dots come mounted on mounting bases that are designed for attachment onto Picatinny rails. They are equipped with a QD lever for easy swapping and reliable return to zero, something that many rifle owners that utilize Picatinny rails will surely appreciate.

The bases feature a mini ACOG footprint and come with a removable lower 1/3 co-witness riser. Leaving the riser equipped will make the dot sight suitable for most AR platforms, but should you remove the riser, the height will be dropped down to the height level where they will be more suitable for hunting rifles.  

Leapers AccuSync Dot Sight on an AR rifle
UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights fit perfectly on AR platforms (Source: Leapers)


Now to the question of how much will these new UTG Accu-Sync dot sights cost.

Leapers is sticking to its mission of offering quality products at an affordable price. While we don’t know the final figure yet, we have an idea where the price might end up.

The compact-sized UTG Accu-Sync dot sight’s cost will revolve around 160 €.

The sub-compact counterpart will be a bit more expensive, but nothing too drastic. It will cost about 170 €.

Leapers AccuSync 2018R (sub-compact) and 2521R (compact) (Source: Leapers)
UTG Accu-Sync 2018R (sub-compact) and 2521R (compact) (Source: Leapers)

Release Date

UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights were first unveiled at the SHOT Show 2023, and then again at IWA 2023.

We expect them to be available for purchase at the end of spring 2023, and that is when they will be available in our store as well.


Even though Leapers aren’t the biggest player in the game, they successfully manage their small-scale operation to the point where they can stand against even some of the bigger competitors. There almost isn’t a year where they wouldn’t bring something new to the market, and we have to say we are quite excited to see what they are offering in 2023.

Our first impressions with the new UTG Accu-Sync dot sights were positive. We like the build quality and we especially like the sizing of these new dots. We, however, didn’t yet get a chance to fully test them, so that is definitely something we look forward to.

We will post our findings on our blog and on our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to it here: Optics Trade YouTube channel

Brand New UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights
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Brand New UTG Accu-Sync Dot Sights
Leapers are expanding their UTG Accu-Sync series with a new line of dot sights. UTG Accu-Sync 2521R and Accu-Sync 2018R are entering the market at the end of spring 2023.
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