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Blaser Primus Binoculars


The newly introduced Blaser binoculars are – following the example of Zeiss and Docter – equipped with Abbe-Koenig prisms which greatly increase the light transmission rate. These prisms are difficult to manufacture, so this is a brave move by Blaser who is a rookie in the world of binoculars. Swarovski, an old hand at optics, introduced SLC HD with Abbe-Koenig prisms only two years ago.

Blaser Primus 10x42 at IWA 2017
Blaser Primus 10×42 at IWA 2017

Model range

The model range introduced covers most needs.

  • 8×56 (for hunting in twilight and at night)

  • 8×42 (an excellent choice for most situations)

  • 10×42 (for identifying details at great distances)

  • 8×30 (lightweight, for stalking)

First impressions

Brown colour, which is pretty uncommon among binoculars, adds to the uniqueness of the design. Blaser binoculars are made by German Sport Optics (GSO), a company known for its top notch tactical riflescopes (former Premier Reticles producer). Their optical quality is great and the focus works smoothly. It is very likely that Blaser will continue the trend of introducing products they haven’t previously manufactured, particularly optics. The prices are not yet known, but because of Blaser’s eminence they will probably be comparable with prices of Zeiss and Swarovski‘s binoculars. In the future, they might add a 10×56 and a 10×30 model to the collection. At IWA 2017, we were a little disappointed at the eyepieces of the prototypes which only have two positions – we hope that the models put on the market will have eyepieces that correspond to the price range and quality class. It is queer that the newly-introduced Blaser binoculars do not have an open bridge construction, and the diopter lacks a locking function.

Blaser Primus Binoculars displayed at IWA 2017
Blaser Primus Binoculars displayed at IWA 2017


Blaser made a big step forward and these binoculars of high quality will undoubtedly sell well because of Blaser’s popularity. We cannot wait for Blaser to introduce their riflescopes.

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