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Bering Optics HOGSTER Thermal Clip-On Attachment

Bering Optics at a Glance

Bering Optics is a Texas-based company that specializes in night vision and thermal imaging devices. Among the industry insiders, the brand has been long known as a quality original equipment manufacturer but has recently expanded into a traditional market competitor. Their sales catalogue of over 100 products also includes infrared systems, reflex red dot sights, hunting and tactical riflescopes.

This year, Bering Optics premiered two of the newest additions to their already existing product series, the PRODIGY Mini thermal monocular and the HOGSTER 384×288 thermal clip-on attachment. The latter one sparked quite a bit of interest thanks to its high-resolution display and multi practicality of use.

Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment
Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment

Proficient Predator

The Bering Optics’ HOGSTER thermal clip-on is primarily targeted at the increasingly popular wild swine market but the device is so lightweight and compact, it will undoubtedly present a perfect fit for all predator hunters.

This clip-on has great practical value as it can be used either as a handheld monocular for scouting or mounted in front of a daytime scope. With the latter use, the conversion is super fast as there is no need for re-zeroing. This device works best at medium and long-range distances.

As far as the physical attributes are concerned, this HOGSTER thermal clip-on is made using Germanium lens in combination with a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) uncooled and automatic shutter-based thermal core. This versatile unit comes with a built-in electronic compass and accelerometer. The insides of the device are purged with dry nitrogen gas, rendering it completely resistant to internal fogging and waterproof with an IPX67 rating.

Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment
Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment

Not to lose sight of user-friendly design, Bering Optics equipped this thermal monocular with a simple menu interface that is super easy to navigate and includes a wide range of options. One of them is the switchable image polarity as the user can have their pick between three colour modes: White Hot, Black Hot and Colored Hot.

What is more, the big and easy to handle control buttons are designed with tactile elements. That means that the user can operate them without looking or even in pitch-black situations. The precise lens focusing mechanism can really come in handy as it is one less thing to worry about when you’re on the move. The HOGSTER™ 384×288 thermal clip-on attachment also allows for Bluetooth® reroute control and video output.

Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment
Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment

But clearly, the most impressive asset of the HOGSTER 384×288 thermal clip-on attachment is its high-resolution display. 1280×960 pixels are sure to satisfy the most advanced of nighttime hunters and the 50hz refresh rate is more than an added bonus. All these features are neatly packed in just 315 grams of pure technological prowess and ready to be used in virtually any environment, no matter how challenging the terrain and weather conditions.

What’s in the Box?

This thermal clip-on attachment comes with many accessories such as two CR123 batteries, a detachable eyepiece with a rubber guard, detachable clip-on eyepiece and a video-out cable. It is compatible with throw lever adapters.

Here, at Optics Trade, we’ll definitely be following how Bering Optics continues to evolve in this emerging yet highly competitive market of thermal imaging devices and night vision optics. So far, the future looks bright.



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