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Shot Show 2023 Report: ATN ThOR Gen 5 Thermal Riflescopes

One of the Most Advanced Thermal Riflescopes

ATN is a company that has been around for a while and is known for its innovative solutions. This year, they have introduced its latest product line, the Gen 5 series of ThOR riflescopes. Among the scopes in the series, the ThOR XD Gen 5 is particularly noteworthy for being one of the most advanced thermal riflescopes on the market today. The Gen 5 series builds on the success of its predecessor, the ThOR line, by incorporating cutting-edge technology to produce an even smaller profile without compromising quality. The scopes are equipped with a Quad Core processor, advanced sensors, increased memory, and custom chips, making them a significant advancement in the industry.

ATN ThOR Gen 5

The First-to-market Thermal Sensor

The ThOR XD Gen 5 features a first-to-market 1280×1024, 60Hz 12-micron, ultra-sensitive HD thermal sensor, while the ThOR 5 320 and ThOR 5 640 models come with a 320×240 60 fps or 640×480 60 fps sensor respectively. The first mentioned sensor is an absolute game-changer and it will be interesting to see how the competition reacts. All models can be equipped with a laser rangefinder (LRF) option, which provides distance readings of up to 940 meters with the help of an internal ballistic calculator. ATN’s custom reticle builder allows users to create a reticle tailored to their specific needs, and a profile manager provides for setting up multiple gun-and-load combinations based on ballistics. The Quad Core processor and advanced sensors allow for exceptional image quality in both day and night modes. The high-resolution OLED display provides vivid colors and deep blacks, while the upgraded lenses, improved 12-micron technology, and enhanced algorithms ensure sharp resolution.

The Future of Thermal Hunting Optics

The Gen 5 series of ThOR riflescopes from ATN is a game-changer in the world of thermal hunting optics. With its state-of-the-art technology, superior image quality, and customization options, it is a must-see for any hunter.

Shot Show 2023 Report: ATN ThOR Gen 5 Thermal Riflescopes
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Shot Show 2023 Report: ATN ThOR Gen 5 Thermal Riflescopes
ATN ThOR Gen 5 is the latest series introduced by ATN, a company known for its affordable yet high-quality thermal hunting optics.
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