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Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 1-6×24 and Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 4.5-27×50 (Shot Show 2019)

Athlon is known for their big selection of various sports optics, and at Shot Show 2019, they presented 2 new tactical rifle scopes that will be available for an affordable price.

The new rifle scopes are the upgraded versions of their Athlon Midas BTR series. They come in two configurations: 1-6×24 and 4.5-27×50. Both rifle scopes feature HD Glass elements that are fully multi-coated for great image quality, a 30-millimeter main tube and both have a reticle positioned in the second focal plane which can be illuminated with red color.

Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 1-6×24
Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 1-6×24

The Midas BTR Gen. 2 1-6×24 rifle scope features an ATSR4 reticle which is specifically designed for 3-gun competitions and has hold-over points for the .223 Remington cartridge with 68 grain Hornady and 69 grain Sierra bullets. The reticle is designed for 200 yards (180 meters) zero, so you can use hold-over lines all the way up to 600 yards (550 meters). The reticle has additional points for the bullet wind drift for 5 and 10 miles per hour. The turrets are capped to prevent accidental movement, and on the left side is the illumination control with 6 intensity settings. All settings are daytime bright. This rifle scope is 269 millimeters (10,6˝) long and weighs 513 grams (18,1 oz).

Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 4.5-27×50
Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 4.5-27×50

The bigger model, Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 4.5-27×50 will be available with 2 reticles – MIL or MOA. Depending on which reticle you choose, the clicks will always be matched on 15x magnification. The turrets are exposed, so you can do adjustments directly. The elevation turret features a zero stop and 10 MIL or 25 MOA of elevation per revolution. On the left side are the parallax adjustment and illumination control. The parallax is adjustable from 30 yards (27 meters) to infinity, and the illumination has 6 brightness settings. The total elevation of this rifle scope is 22 MIL or 75 MOA, what should be enough for shooting past 1000 meters with a canted mount. This rifle scope is 350 millimeters (13,8˝) long and weighs 737 grams (26 oz).



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