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Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II riflescope is a high-quality scope that offers great optical performance and features for an affordable price. While there are some areas in which the scope could be improved, overall, it provides great value for money. In this review, we will delve into the unique features of the SH4 6-24×50 scope to uncover why it stands apart from other scopes available on the market.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II

About the Arken Optics

Since its inception in 2019, Arken Optics strives to provide customers with superior scopes at a reasonable cost. Operating with the utmost commitment and integrity, they strive to create meaningful experiences for their customers through superior products. Arken Optics has rapidly established itself as a renowned brand in the rifle scope industry thanks to its commitment to quality materials and competitive prices.

Currently, they are offering two distinct series of riflescopes:

  1. EP5 and
  2. SH4.

The SH4 series has two rifle scopes to choose from, the 6-24×50 and 4-16×50 models. The EP5 series is currently featuring a sole selection – the 5-25×56 model.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II

Physical properties of SH4 6-24×50

SH4 6-24×50 scope features a magnification range from 6 to 24 and a 50-millimeter objective lens, giving the user great versatility for any situation. It is made with all metal components and each of the moving parts is precision machined for durability and accuracy.

An internal nitrogen purge ensures that your scope will not fog up if used in cold temperatures, while the waterproof and shockproof exterior can handle impacts from even 50 BMG rifles.

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Although this scope is 1037 grams in weight, it offers immense value with its 358-millimeter length shorter than rifle scopes from other brands that have the same or similar magnification. I must stress that the scope features a substantially larger 34-millimeter main tube compared to other brands’ 30-millimeters. The increased size of the main tube makes a significant contribution to the scope’s overall weight.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 feature 34 millimeter main tube

If you’re seeking to add a thermal or night vision attachment in front of your scope, then the 59-millimeter exterior objective diameter is an invaluable feature.

The movement of the eyepiece is remarkably smooth and can be accurately adjusted, as well as the magnification ring. As you rotate the magnification ring a complete 180 degrees, the power of magnification increases from its minimum to maximum level. Furthermore, a throw lever is available for this scope which precisely fits the magnification ring.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 eyepiece with magnification ring


If you opt for a MIL reticle, the turret, and reticle will both be in MIL. Likewise, if you choose an MOA version of this riflescope, then your clicks and reticle will also be measured in MOA. Since the reticle is situated within the first focal plane (FFP), it adjusts with magnification changes – growing wider or narrower depending on which direction of magnification you take.

See the VPR-MIL and VPR-MOA Reticle Substensions in Detail!

  • VPR MIL reticle
  • VPR MOA reticle

With its Christmas tree-style reticle and a small 0.04 MIL dot in the center, this scope offers unparalleled accuracy and precision for shooting even small targets at bigger distances.

The dot in the center of the reticle is illuminated, as well as a 1 MIL range surrounding it.

Illumination system

You can easily adjust the brightness of your illumination with a side turret. With a simple turn of the side turret, you can adjust the illumination to any of six intensity levels for optimal brightness. It’s easy to toggle between each setting and even shut off the illumination completely if needed by simply revolving back to zero.

Located on the same turret, you’ll find a compartment to house your CR 2032 battery for the illumination system. This illumination system is solely powered by a single CR 2032 battery.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II battery compartment

Parallax adjustment

Located on the same side turret is also a parallax adjustment, ranging from 20 yards to infinity. Finding the optimal position for parallax adjustment is very easy. The movement of the turret is incredibly smooth and allows for precise adjustments up to 300 meters. For adjustments beyond that distance, you have to make really small movements for the perfect adjustment.

  • Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
  • Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
  • Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
  • Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II


The clicks on the turrets are great; you can hear each click as you operate the turret and feel every one of them. Therefore, there is now no need to take a peek at the turret while adjusting it.

Depending on which scope model you choose, the clicks can be in 0.1 MILs or 1/4 MOA. We tested the coveted MIL-MIL model.

The clicks on this scope model are in milliradians, and each click will shift your point of aim one centimeter at 100 meters away.

In one revolution, you have 8 MIL of adjustment, which is not my preferred option as round numbers are much easier to handle. If there were 10 MILs of adjustment in one revolution instead, it would be much better.

The turrets on the SH4 6-24×50 scope are of a multi-turn type. The internal adjustment of this scope is 32 MIL, and with only 8 MIL per revolution, you can make four entire revolutions if you zero the scope at the complete zero.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II turrets

Visible Turn Indicator

Unfortunately, the turret has no substantial turn indicator apart from a few faint horizontal white lines located at its base; hence making them difficult to spot.

There is also a good possibility that if the SH4 6-24×50 scope is combined with 20 MOA mounts, then our view of the revolution lines will be blocked.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II turn indicator
Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II turn indicator

Setting the zero

Setting the zero on SH4 6-24X50 is very easy. When you are in the range and wish to zero your scope, you can simply make your adjustments and then unscrew three horizontally-positioned screws at the side of the turret. The turret will then become loose; you just need to rotate it back so that the zero is facing forward and is aligned with the white dot on the main frame. Tighten the three screws to secure the turret into place, and you’ll be all set.

Zero stop

Featuring the AZS zero stop system, the SH4 6-24X50 scope offers a one-of-a-kind setup that is unlike anything seen with traditional European brands. With this system, turret rotation will come to an immediate halt when it reaches zero.

Once your zero is set, rotate the elevation turret up for 2 clicks. After that, you can enable the zero-stop feature. Atop the elevation turret lies one vertical screw that is aligned to one of the 3 horizontal screws pointing towards the eyepiece – simply unscrew that horizontal screw and leave all other screws in place.

Carefully turn the vertical turret clockwise until it is firmly tightened, then slightly move the Allen key counter-clockwise a quarter of a turn to reduce tension. Fasten the zero stop by re-tightening its side screw. You have now successfully adjusted a zero-stop feature.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II zero stop on elevation turret

Windage turret

The same applies to the windage turret; it is also very easy to adjust, providing 4 MIL of adjustment in each direction.

The windage turret is a multi-turn type, which allows users to rotate an entire revolution. Unfortunately, this could be problematic and lead to mistakes since it’s possible to go in the wrong direction resulting in an entire rotation of an error.

A stop at 4 MIL in each direction would be a much better solution. Then you could not go further than 4 MIL, and then you would have to go back to zero. This way you would not come back to zero in the opposite direction and do a full revolution as a mistake.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II windage turret

Optical performance

With regard to its optical performance, this scope offers outstanding clarity and accuracy of colors. There’s no trace of fuzziness in the image; it remains sharp and crisp throughout.

The field of view on the 6x magnification is 6.96 meters at 100 meters, and on the highest magnification of 24x, it’s 1.74 meters at 100 meters.

The scope has no tunneling effect, and the eye relief is 89 millimeters, so you have a lot of space for mounting the scope on bigger caliber rifles. The eye box is also very good and it’s very easy to stay on target or behind the scope with a perfect image.

Mounting of the scope

When considering a mount for this scope, you must be careful – its middle section sits high from the bottom of the body and may hit your monoblock mounting system before the actual mount is set in place. The retention spring is situated in an especially vulnerable area here, which has to be taken into account during installation.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II middle section

If we attempt to attach the monoblock mount to the scope, it is evident that there’s an excessive gap between the mounting tube and the base of the mount. Unfortunately, due to its middle section has reached its lower limit already, it cannot be properly fitted. To make sure that the scope mount fits accurately, the scope mount needs to be higher.

This mount does not have much material in the middle, so it is not a big issue. But if you use a different monoblock mount that is completely solid on the bottom, then you will need a higher scope mount, otherwise, the retention spring will hit its base.

I measured that the bottom part of the scope stays out about 5.5 millimeters, and the retention spring part adds additional 5.5 millimeters. Therefore, the space between the main tube and the bottom of the monoblock mount should be at least 11 millimeters.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 features a 34-millimeter main tube so you will need 34-millimeter scope mount rings.

  1. Arken Optics Halo 34 mm Scope Rings
  2. Arken Optics Rigid Precision Scope Mount 34 mm, 20 MOA
  3. 34mm Scope Rings

SH4 6-24×50 price and warranty

The Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II riflescope is a high-quality scope that offers outstanding optical performance. It comes with a 10-year warranty and is made in China. The cost of the scope is 769€, making it an excellent value for money.

Scope of delivery

What can you expect to find in the box?

  1. A comprehensive owner’s manual,
  2. a protective bikini lens cover,
  3. a sun shade that shields your device from glare,
  4. an easy-to-use zero ring tool for mounting (2mm Allen key),
  5. plus some stickers.

To top it off a special cleaning cloth is also included so you can keep your device looking like new. I have to add that, although bikini lens protection is very nicely made, I would still prefer flip-up covers.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II scope of delivery
  1. Arken Optics Throw Lever 34 mm
  2. Arken Optics Bubble Level 34 mm
  3. Arken Optics Flip Its Set (50 mm)


Initially, I’m impressed with the craftsmanship of this scope. Every part is designed and produced with great care from durable metal materials. Furthermore, its optical quality is remarkable; the reticle proves to be useful for shooters due to its small dot in the center which helps greatly when aiming at small targets at greater distances.

This scope surpasses even the more expensive models with its smooth and tactile clicks. I was thoroughly impressed with how good they felt in comparison to riflescopes which cost significantly more.

Despite not having a locking function on the turrets, it’s nearly impossible to mistakenly make any clicks due to how sturdy the clicks are. As such, you don’t really need a locking function when using this scope.

The zero stop is a fantastic feature, and I’m thrilled that the scope isn’t overly long. It’s notably shorter than scopes of similar magnification from other big-name brands. Additionally, with its approximate price of 770 euros, this high-quality riflescope offers exceptional value for money compared to other brands offering similar configurations.

Pros summary:

  1. great quality build (durable metal materials)
  2. remarkable optical quality
  3. reticle with a small dot in the center for aiming at small targets at greater distances
  4. smooth and tactile clicks
  5. shorter than scopes of similar magnification from other brands
  6. excellent value for money

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II


However, I do think there is room for improvement with the turret. If it was set at 10 MIL per revolution as opposed to 8 MIL, that would be much more user-friendly and simpler for everyone.

Multi-turn turrets only have markings that go up to 15 MIL. It would be great if they could extend the marked ranges on the turret up to 24MIL.

Another downside of this scope is its turn indicator. Seeing the turn indicator can be quite difficult, particularly when you attach your scope to a 20 MOA mount. This causes the turret to drop even lower on your rifle and makes it nearly impossible to make out this line underneath it.

The multi-turn windage turret can be a hassle, as it leaves ample room for error during one full revolution. This makes this type of turret rather unpleasant in my opinion.

This scope is quite hefty, weighing in at 1037 grams. In addition, the lower section of the scope protrudes substantially, meaning you need to be especially mindful when selecting a monoblock mount for it; take heed, particularly about where its retention spring lies.

Cons summary:

  1. 8 MIL per revolution
  2. markings on the turret only go up to 15 MIL
  3. the turn indicator can be difficult to see when attached to a 20 MOA mount
  4. multi-turn windage turrets leave room for error during one full revolution
  5. the scope is quite hefty
  6. the lower section of the scope protrudes substantially

Arken Optics SH4 6-24x50 Gen II
Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II

Final thoughts

Overall, the Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II is a great value-for-money scope that has been crafted with great care and attention to detail. It also has excellent optical performance with sharp and crisp images, a wide field of view, and good eye relief. Its reticle proving to be very useful for shooters. Additionally, the smooth and tactile clicks surpass even the more expensive models on the market today. It is shorter than other scopes of similar magnification from other brands which is a great plus.

The SH4 6-24×50 model features a zero-stop function and its elevation and windage turret allow for precise adjustments. However, when mounting the scope on a monoblock mount system it is important to take into account its height as some mounts may not fit correctly due to the space between the main tube and the bottom of the monoblock mount being too short.

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