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Alpen Optics Apex XP 2.5-16×42 Instruction Manual


  1. Zoom adjustment
  2. Diopter adjustment
  3. Parallax adjustment
  4. Protective cap height adjustment
  5. Protective cap lateral adjustment
  6. Height adjustment
  7. Lateral adjustment
  8. Zerostop
  9. Battery compartment


RISK of physical injury!

Never look through this device directly at or near the sun. There is DANGER OF BLINDNESS! Children should only use this device under supervision. Keep packaging materials (plastic bags, rubber bands, etc.) away from children! There is a DANGER OF CHOKING!

RISK of material damage!

Never take the device apart. Please consult your dealer if there are any defects. The dealer will contact our service center and send the device in for repair if needed.

Fire/Burning RISK!

Do not expose this device – especially the lenses – to direct sunlight! Focusing of sunlight could cause fires.


Batteries do not belong in children’s hands! Make sure you insert the batteries correctly. Leaking or damaged batteries will cause chemical burns if you put your skin in Contact. Use suitable protective gloves if necessary. Do not expose the evice to high temperatures. Use only the recommended batteries. Do not short-circuit the device or batteries or dispose of in fire! Excessive heat and improper handling can cause short circuits, fires and even explosions!

Mount and adjust the scope

The scope should be mounted by a qualified gunsmith to ensure that the rifle and target optics are perfectly matched. When mounting, the optimal interpupillary distance should be observed above all. This means that the full field of view is available and injuries to the eye caused by recoil during firing can be avoided.

Change magnification

The magnification can be adjusted at the Zoom adjustment (1) on the eyepiecetube. All magnification between the lowest and highest setting can be selected continuously. The different magnification levels can be read from the numbers and markings.

FluoDigits Technology

The APEX XP riflescope is equipped with ALPEN Optics FluoDigit Technology. To make full use of it, we recommend exposing the device to daylight for about 3 hours and charging the fluorescent paint with it. If it is desired that the magnification numbers are NOT illuminated at night, it is sufficient to transport the device covered and thus not to. charge the paint.

Info: The special color is set so that you can choose yourself from max. 1.5m can read off the numbers. This way you remain undetected and the numbers do not illuminate anything.

Focus reticle and illuminated point

To focus the reticle and illuminated dot, it is best to select the highest agnification level beforehand. Then the illuminated point is switched on and the diopter djustment (2) is turned until the reticle and illuminated point appear sharp in the image. The illuminated point should also have a circular shape. Once set, the reticle and illuminated point remain sharp over the entire magnification range.

Make parallax adjustment

Note: Some ALPEN models are equipped with parallax compensation. Please check in the technical data on if the used optics is provided with this function. The parallax adjustment (3) corrects the parallax error for accurate aiming and focuses the image for the corresponding aiming distance. To do this, rotate the parallax adjustment (3) until the target object appears sharp in the image.

Set reticle

To adjust the reticle setting to the particular hunting conditions or type of ammunition, use the height adjustment (6) and the lateral adjustment (7). No
movement of the reticle is perceptible during reticle adjustment. The reticle is therefore always located in the center of the image. The reticle adjustment of the
riflescope is performed as follows:

  1. Protective cap (4) above the height adjustment or (5) above the lateral adjustment.
  1. Make shot correction:
    a. If the gun is firing too low, adjust the elevation, turn the height adjustment (6) counterclockwise.
    b. If the gun is firing too high, adjust the elevation, turn the height adjustment (6) clockwise.
    c. If the gun is firing too far to the left, turn the lateral adjustment (7) counterclockwise.
    d. If the gun is firing too far to the right, turn the lateral adjustment (7) clockwise.

3. Screw the protective cap (4 or 5) back on.

Set Zerostop

Sometimes, for example, temporary readjustments have to be made due to changing wind conditions. With a correctly set up Zerostop, the zero position
can then be readjusted without eye control. The Zerostop prevents rotation beyond the zero position. The Zerostop is set as follows:

  1. Unscrew the screw above the height adjustment ower (6) by means of a coin.
  2. . Remove the height adjustment tower (6) from the scope and set it to the zero position
  3. Replace the height adjustment tower (6) with the screw attach to the scope
  4. Screw up the Zerostop ring (8) until it comes into contact with the height adjustment tower (6).
  5. Fix the Zerostop ring (8) with the circumferential screw. If necessary, readjust a little so that the Zerostop grips exactly in the right place.

Difference reticle setting with MOA and with MRAD

The MOA and MRAD tower systems refer to two different measurement systems: metric and imperial. Thus, the imperial system uses MOA and inches, and the metric system uses MRAD and centimeters. Therefore, at some point the question arises which tower system is the better one. First and foremost, it’s a matter of habit and personal preference


MOA stands for Minute Of Angle and corresponds to 1/60 of a degree. The system is suitable for those familiar with the imperial system, since it is calculated in inches.1 MOA equals 1.047” to 100yd (2.9 cm to 100 m).


MRAD stands for milliradian and is 1/1000 of a radian (angular measure). 0.1 MRAD/MIL is equivalent to 1 cm at 100 m and is suitable for those using the metric system. One advantage of the metric system is that it is very easy to calculate. The shooting distance (unit meter) can be quickly converted into the unit of turret adjustment (centimeter). One click of an MRAD click adjustment thus corresponds to 3 cm (0.03 m) at a firing distance of 300 m. ALPEN Optics uses MRAD 0.1 click adjustments for all target optics.

Set SmartDot light point

The illuminated dot is switched on by selecting a brightness level from 1 to 10 on the illuminated dot adjustment. To switch the illuminated point off again manually, the point is set before or after the selected brightness level on the illuminated point adjustment. SmartDot Technology automatically turns off the illuminated point when the gun is tilted 70° up or down, or 30° to the side. The scope is then in sleep mode. When the weapon is brought back to the ready position, the illuminated dot switches back on automatically within a few milliseconds. After about 3 hours in sleep mode, the device shuts down completely to save energy.

Reticle for ALPEN riflescopes

The scope is equipped with the reticle selected at the time of purchase. On most ALPEN models, the reticle is located in the second focal plane. So it does not enlarge with it when the magnification is changed. For these scopes, the coverage depends on the magnification. Long-range target optics such as the ALPEN 5- 0x56 are equipped with a reticle in the first focal plane. Here, the reticle enlarges as the magnification is increased and the coverage remains constant.

Care and maintenance

Clean the lenses (eyepieces and/or objectives) only with a soft and lint-free cloth (e. g. Microfiber). Do not press the cloth too hard to avoid scratching the lenses. To remove more stubborn dirt, moisten the cleaning cloth with an eyeglass-cleaning solution and wipe the lenses gently. Protect the device from dust and moisture! After use, particularly in high humidity, let the device acclimatise at room temperature for a short period of time, so that the residual moisture can dissipate.


Notes on the safe use of the riflescope

  • When working on the firearm riflescope, the firearm must always be unloaded This must be conscientiously checked beforehand.
  • The proper function of the riflescope must be controlled before it is used.
  • Before the riflescope is used, the image must be tested. Who looks through it, should see a clear,interference-free image.
  • To avoid injury, always ensure sufficient eye relief when using the scope.
  • Control shots are used to determine the first Hit point position determines whether the reticle setting is correct.
  • The riflescope contains sensitive optics. In the case of raw treatment, it could possibly lead to a Misalignment may occur.


Alpen Optics GmbH has issued a „Declaration of Conformity“ in accordance with applicable guidelines and corresponding standards. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:


Alpen Optics GmbH has issued a „Declaration of Conformity“ in accordance with applicable guidelines and corresponding standards. The full text of the UKCA declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:


Dispose of the packaging materials properly, according to their type. Contact your local waste-disposal service or environmental authority for information about the proper disposal. Do not dispose of electronic devices in the household garbage! According to the European Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and its transposition into national law, used electrical equipment must be collected sep arately and recycled in an vironmentally sound manner.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries and accumulators and can return the batteries after use either at our sales outlet or in the immediate icinity(e.g. in stores or municipal collection points) free of charge. Batteries and accumulators are marked with a crossed-out dustbin and the chemical symbol of the pollutant, “Cd” stands for cadmium, “Hg” stands for mercury and “Pb” stands for lead.

Battery replacement

Simply unscrew the cover of the battery compartment (9) and insert a CR2032 battery into the battery compartment. Make sure you insert the batteries correctly

Do not screw the battery compartment shut with great force. Hold the illumination unit while opening the battery compartment. A CR2032 battery is used with all scopes.

Warranty & Service

The ALPEN Deluxe Guarantee, with no end date, begins on the day of purchase. To benefit from an extended voluntary guarantee period as stated on the gift box, registration on our website is required. For full warranty terms and conditions, as well as information on extending the warranty period and details of our services, please visit:



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