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Aimpoint Hunter H34 vs. Micro (Red Dot Models) | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to discuss the differences between Aimpoint Hunter and Aimpoint Micro models.

There are two different Micro models which are meant for hunting, the H-1 and the H-2. While there are four different models in the Hunter series, the H30S, the H30L, the H34S and the H34L. The S and L in the names indicate the length and the mounting purposes of the models.

The Micro models are really small, light, elegant and are good performers. On the other hand, the red dots from the Hunter series are big, even larger than some normal riflescopes. So they're not suitable for small, light and elegant rifles.

One of the advantages of the Hunter series is the better eye-box which comes with the greater diameter of the eyepiece. That means that you can move your head further away from the optical axis and still be able to see the dot and shoot. Therefore the H34 is a better rapid scope with a better eye-box, which is a big advantage in chaotic situations like driven hunts when you have to react quickly.

The Hunter series also has better illumination and less internal reflection than the Micro series. From the optical point of view, the Hunter series is much more powerful but is bigger, bulkier, heavier and costs more.

The Micro series has a standard mounting platform for which there is a wide array of different mounting solutions so, it can be mounted on any rifle that you can imagine. They can even be mounted on only one base of any kind of mount. While with the Hunter series you have to use the full-sized mount, just like for a normal scope.

Red dots from both series come in 2MOA and in 4MOA. 2MOA covers about 6cm in 100m, so it's recommended to be used on longer distances. With the 2MOA on the Hunter series, a good shooter can hit his target on distances greater than 100m. While the 4MOA is normally used on close range and the dot is bigger and easier to see. The 4MOA limits you to about 70-80m.

If you are going on driven hunts and are usually in a stand and wait for the drive to come towards you, we would recommend the H34, because the optical advantage is noticeable. It enables you to shoot nicer and easier. The target acquisition is quick because you see the dot faster.

But if you drive animals with dogs, go into the bushes or the snow the better option would be the Micro. Because it's smaller and so much compactor that it won't get damaged so quickly as the bigger scopes would. It also has flip-up covers so the lenses can be protected at all times. And if it's necessary it is even possible to shoot with the covers closed. The Micro also has bump protected turrets.

On the other hand, Hunting series dots are a lot bigger so the chances of hitting them on something is much greater, the turrets are not protected and are clumsier altogether.

The system for setting the illumination settings on the Micro is controlled with a knob while the one on the Hunter series is controlled with a more digital +/-, which is easier to use if you're using gloves. They basically work in the same way.

The battery life is that good that its measured in years and not in hours.

We would like to thank you for your time. In case we did not answer all the questions regarding this topic, please leave a comment below or send an e-mail to us. If you found the video useful, please subscribe to our channel.

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