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A New and Improved March 1-10×24 Shorty


During our recent visit to the IWA 2023, our team had the opportunity to check out March Scopes’ booth and take a closer look at their new and updated March 1-10×24 Shorty riflescope with a dual focal plane system. Although the riflescope was initially introduced in 2020 as an upgrade to the older 1-8×24 Shorty, the company has made some changes and launched a new version in March 2023.

Our team was able to get a firsthand look at the updated version and see how it looks, feels, and works.

First Impressions

The very first thing we noticed when we got our hands on the new March 1-10×24 Shorty riflescope is that it is very light. It weighs about 540 grams, which is roughly the same as a 500ml plastic bottle of water. You definitely won’t get tired by carrying this thing around.

Considering the name, it is not very surprising that it is short. This short design gives it sort of a modern or even futuristic look, and we can confidently say that this scope can make any rifle look cooler.

But the really interesting thing about it is how its dual focal plane system is designed. It features a unique combination of the first focal plane (FFP) and second focal plane (SFP) reticles, which we will discuss further in this article.

It seems like the riflescope can function similarly to a dot sight, if necessary, while also being capable of providing effective performance at longer ranges, thanks to its 10x magnification.

March 1-10x24 Shorty with Shuriken Turrets
March 1-10×24 Shorty with Shuriken Turrets

Improvements on the NEW (2023) March 1-10×24 Shorty Riflescope

As mentioned above, March already introduced the 1-10×24 Shorty model in 2020 but has decided to make some changes to it. A newer model was rolled out in March 2023, and the changes made to it were mostly meant to make the scope a bit more user-friendly.

A 34-millimeter Tube

One of the improvements involves the design of the riflescope’s mounting option. With the previous model, users are required to use two different rings due to the way the scope is designed. Because of the short length of the riflescope, one ring is mounted on the tube while the other one hugs the objective. The problem is that the tube of the 2020 model measures 30mm in diameter while the objective is 34mm, which means that two different diameter rings are required for the mounting.

To make matters even more complicated, not many scope mounts suitable for this riflescope are available on the market. Some merchants sell the appropriate Audere scope mount with the riflescope, but for the most part, this whole mounting ordeal is just a nuisance for the users.

However, with the updated model, the company has made changes to the tube’s size, making it a 34mm tube. This ensures that the objective diameter is the same as the tube, which allows for the use of the same ring diameter for mounting the riflescope. This new design makes mounting the riflescope simpler and more straightforward.

Shuriken Turrets

Another addition to the updated March 1-10×24 Shorty riflescope is the inclusion of Shuriken Turrets. These are the new tactical turrets that March introduced at IWA 2023. They plan to incorporate them into all their future models.

Shuriken turrets were designed to enhance the use of March’s riflescopes. They feature a shuriken-shaped 2-stage lockable elevation and windage mechanism that simplifies the process of making precise click adjustments. Once the desired adjustments are made, users can turn the shuriken to the left to lock the turret in place, with 4 notches indicating the locked or unlocked state.

An comparison of March Shuriken turrets in a locked and unlocked state.
March Shuriken Turrets in a locked and unlocked mode

Main Features of the New March 1-10×24 Shorty Riflescope

Apart from the added Shuriken Turrets and the increase in tube diameter to 34mm, not much changed in the main features of the scope.

A Unique Dual Focal Plane System with 2 Reticles

The March 1-10×24 Shorty riflescope features a dual reticle system, with one reticle positioned in the first focal plane (FFP) and the other in the second focal plane (SFP).

While dual focal plane riflescopes are not a new concept, March’s approach to designing their system is innovative. The FFP reticle includes all the necessary hash marks for precise long-range shooting but is completely covered by the SFP reticle when the scope is set to the minimum 1x magnification. The SFP reticle is a simple 4-type reticle on a flat plane with day-time bright optical fiber illumination, and it can be very useful in close-range applications.

As the magnification is increased, the FFP reticle becomes larger, covering the SFP reticle, and the hash marks become visible, allowing for more precise long-range shots. This unique design is a departure from the typical dual focal plane systems found in other riflescopes and has the potential to shake up the playing field a bit. Since this system has been first implemented in the original Shorty back in 2020, it is still relatively early to say if this was a hit or miss by March. In our opinion, however, it is definitely a “hit”.

A Compact yet Durable Design

The updated March 1-10×24 Shorty is very compact. It measures 215mm in length (approx. 8.45 inches) and weighs only 540 grams, which is only slightly more than the earlier model that weighed 505 grams.  

The objective lens is 24mm in diameter, while both the tube and objective diameter measure 34 mm. The walls are 4 mm thick, and the scope’s body is fully machined from an aluminum ingot. It is Argon-filled to prevent internal fogging at lower temperatures, and it is also waterproof to at least 4 meters under the water’s surface. On top of that, most March scopes, including the 1-10×24 Shorty, passed impact tests of up to 1000G.

A Dynamic Focus Range and Precise Adjustments

The scope also has a fast-focus eyepiece, and the focus range is from 9 meters to infinity. Because it also features the new Shuriken Turrets, precise adjustments are very smooth and easy, making it precise and usable in different environments and applications.

Available Reticles

March 1-10×24 is primarily a dual focal plane riflescope, which is sort of the whole point of this scope, but there are some instances that a FFP configuration might be a better choice. This is why March offers FFP-only models as well.

Dual Focal Plane Reticles

Reticles available for the dual focal plane new March 1-10×24 Shorty models are:

  • DR-1F
  • DR-TR1F
DR-1F reticle for March 1-10x24 Shorty at 10x magnification
DR-1F reticle for March 1-10×24 Shorty at 10x magnification
DR-TR1F reticle for March 1-10x24 Shorty at 10x and 1x magnification
DR-TR1F reticle for March 1-10×24 Shorty at 10x and 1x magnification

First Focal Plane Reticles

Reticles available for the new first focal plane March 1-10×24 Shorty models are:

  • FMC-1
  • FMC-2
  • FMC-3
FMC-1 reticle for March 1-10x24 Shorty
FMC-1 reticle for March 1-10×24 Shorty
FMC-2 reticle for March 1-10x24 Shorty
FMC-2 reticle for March 1-10×24 Shorty
FMC-3 reticle for March 1-10x24 Shorty
FMC-3 reticle for March 1-10×24 Shorty

The Pricing of the New March 1-10×24 Shorty

The price of the new March 1-10×24 Shorty revolves around 3200€, depending on the reticle choice. You can order it in our online store:

March 1-10x24 Shorty CTA

Release Date of the New March 1-10×24 Shorty

The original March 1-10×24 Shorty was released back in 2020, but the new model with Shuriken turrets and a 34mm tube was introduced in March 2023.


To conclude, we see the improvements made to the March 1-10×24 Shorty as March’s attention to users’ feedback. The change in the mounting of the scope definitely proves it.

We are also glad to see that their new Shuriken Turrets work really well, and we completely understand why March wants to push them to all their other products. On top of their smooth operation, they also look stylish, and in our opinion add a more “tactical” look to the scopes.

The only thing we are missing is a wider FOV. This is something that March will have to continue to work on.

Generally, though, it is safe to say that March made a change for the better with the new Shorty.

A New and Improved March 1-10x24 Shorty
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A New and Improved March 1-10x24 Shorty
A closer look at the new and updated March 1-10x24 Shorty riflescope with a dual focal plane system, 34mm tube, and Shuriken Turrets.
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