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8x56 Vs. 10x56 Binoculars | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another debate. Today, we are going to be comparing two configurations of binoculars, namely 8x56 and 10x56. We get this question a lot and the differences between them are quite small, so here, we are going to finally provide an answer.

What are the general features of 8x56 binoculars? On our website, we categorize these binoculars as low-light binoculars, because they are designed to be used in low-light and designed for hunters who hunt in the dusk. Why? Because they have a really big exit pupil of 7 mm (56:8=7). They also have a really big objective lens, which makes them big and heavy.

What does the 8x56 configuration bring? These binoculars have a bigger exit pupil, so they are made for low-light use, they also have a wider field of view due to the 8x magnification, there is less handshaking, compared to binoculars with a 10x magnification.

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What are the general features of 10x56 binoculars? The 10x56 is for those who hunt at dusk but wish to have a 10x magnification. The 10x56 is the ultimate low-light binoculars, but if you want an alternative with a more detailed image, the 10x56 is a good option. The 10x56 is also better for astronomy.

On the outside, they are quite similar due to the 56 mm objective lens—both are heavy and bulky. What does the 10x magnification bring to the table if compared to the 8x magnification? A smaller exit pupil and more detailed image, but you also get a narrower field of view, and the handshaking is more noticeable.

If you are deciding between these two configurations, our guess is, you are a hunter. If you are a bird watcher or a hiker, a bigger exit pupil is not useful for you – in this case, a better choice would be smaller, more compact binoculars. But if you are a hunter and hunt in low-light situations, then this is the typical pick.

If you are in search of the brightest image you can get with binoculars, go for the 8x56, because you then have a 7 mm exit pupil. If you prefer 10x magnification and want to observe more detail on the animal, you will have to sacrifice some of the image brightness and go for the 10x56.

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