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3E AVCI 1–4x Combat rifle scope


3E is a company that manufactures their products mostly for the Turkish military. This year at IWA 2018, they have introduced some interesting new designs. Among them, there is a combat riflescope, similar to the renowned Elcan. Elcan battle scopes are among the most robust optical devices in the world but their quality comes at a price. 3E‘s model is expected to retail for much, much less.


At 1x magnification, the combat rifle scope works just like a red dot sight and can be used with both eyes open. The reticle is etched onto the glass, which means that you can see it even if it is not illuminated. At 4x magnification, the device also performs well. Between 1x and 4x magnification, the image is dim (switching between magnifications is done with a lever on the side of the device). There are 5 levels of brightness intensity to choose from. To make sure that the device can withstand harsh treatment in extreme conditions, 3E used aircraft aluminum for the housing. The interior of the device is filled with dry nitrogen to prevent internal fogging in cold weather. As is expected of such a robust device, the AVCI 1–4X can withstand extreme temperatures (–40°C–70°C). It can also be submerged up to 10 m underwater.

AVCI 1-4x
AVCI 1-4x


AVCI 1–4x is an excellent choice for someone that is looking for a robust military scope with an affordable price. Once the product is launched, it will retail for around 1250 €.



  • we want 2x scopes for our clients in pakistan.
    2x assault rifles are also required. pleaseprovide us quotation. end user is def organisation in Pakistan.

  • I am interested in buying your E 3 avci 1 to 4 my gun shop. I saw this item at SAR at shot in Vegas and want in. Please contact me about either importing and/or dealer for your product.

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